10 days old, what next?

This is my first grow and it is a haze Autoflower. She popped up 10 days ago. I watered her today but I’m not really sure how much to be watering because I definitely don’t want to over water and I don’t want to under water either. It’s a 2 gallon fabric pot. Any idea how many cups per watering I should add? Also do I need to add anything besides water? @Shaggy I need to add anything besides water? @Shaggy20200922_191746|378x500

What type of soil is that? I’d use nutes if you have some. And I have no idea as to the exact amount of water honestly. I just kinda water in a ring around my sprouts. And then eventually I just water. But I water and let them dry out until i water again. There’s a ton of people that can really help you tons on here.

I bought the two gallon pot for pot kit. It has super soil on the bottom and the top layer is a combination of three or four things I guess.

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Probably missed a few others, but these are all the big dogs that can help you with everything from helping you build your own lights with dyi lights, to seedlings, to tents, to everything. They’re great and will answer everything probably better and maybe to an exact tee if you need. Lol.


I had thought about getting that but ended up getting vivosun smart pots and fox farm ocean forest soil.

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About 1 cup of water, and you should be fine.


What kinda light are you using?

I appreciate that. About how many days should I wait between watering if I give just one cup of water? Also should I be adding any type of fish Emulsion or anything like that or should I just keep adding water only? Any help would be greatly appreciated

HLG 100v2 3000k

Since you got the pot for pot kit I’d assume, having not used one, that you dont need to add anything cuz they say you dont and its super soil. But you could probably get organic nutes to add if you really wanted to.
And that’s a good light for one plant. You’ll be vvery pleased by the end. I’m using the 65 4000k and it’s great. I bet that’s better and the 3000k is better for flowering.


Use your finger and insert it into the soil and verify it’s still moist. Check it in about 5 days. Might time then.


Only water when needed and never water at the stem, always a couple inches away. Cannabis does not like wet soil. If your plants are in promix type soil with supersoil at the bottom it wouldnt hurt to use 1/4 strength seaweed and kelp extract. Go easy though.

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Thanks for the info about not watering at the stem and also about the additive. Have a good one.

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