10 days old one not looking so good one getting spots

Plants are 10 days old one not looking so good had yellowy spots cut the bad leaves off the other is getting yellowy spots any suggestions or ideas on what the problem is

Your California Light Works led is too low. It puts off some serious infra red heat.
Are you watering when the soil gets slightly dry?

It’s the solar extreme 500 it’s a Cobb LED full spectrum I don’t believe it has infrared ,yes I’ve been watering when it gets dry up to a couple knuckles light height is about 27 in from the plant

Probably should fill out support ticket so people don’t have to ask a bunch of questions but I’ll start:

What is the growing medium, its brand and specific product

Are you feeding it? If so what are you feeding it? Brand and specific product again

The growing medium is Fox farms Happy frog been watering with PhD water tap water that has sat out to dechlorinate light it’s a 500 solar extreme California light works full spectrum the news I’m going to start using is Fox farms trio