10 Days into Flowering - 1st buds?


Hello All,

I’m 10 days into flowering (since flipping the lights to 12/12). Here are two photos of buds I’m hoping / guessing. Can anyone confirm? So excited!!! :joy:


I’m growing my one Blueberry photo. The SCROG net below is 42x42. I hope it’s going to big enough!


You’ve indeed got flowers a forming on your plant. Congrats @HappyCamper


Congratulations my friend on that nice beautiful girl in the scrog so excited for you :wink:


That be buds, time to start counting


:slight_smile: That’s exactly what I was thinking. The official first day of the “Flower” stage. Another 8 or 10 weeks and hopefully time for harvest!


Beautiful scrog you have going. Congrats on the flower!


Sexy girls you got happy days


Congrat! Home stretch now!


Woohoo @HappyCamper
Sweet grow :v:️CB


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971, @Laurap, @Caosred, @Screwauger, @Hogmaster, @Wishingilivedina420state, @AnneBonny for all the kind words and well wishes!

This is my first grow / only plant and I’m happy and excited to get to this point. It seems like it’s been a loonnnggggg while. I’m hoping the flower / harvest phase goes as smoothly as it has to this point.

I’ve learned so much from this site… Thanks again.


Just continue to do what you have been and you’ll be fine
You may fined that once your in full flower ( big buds)
The girl may eat and drink more than a plant that’s not scrogged just a heads up
You seem to have everything under control tho @HappyCamper
FYI outta likes