10 days into 12/12 Hermi?


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Sure as hell looks like it to me. That sucks, sorry for the bad luck!


Hey thanks man It was just a bag seed but a super good stain of deathstar thought i got lucky guess not.what you think the chances sre the clones i took from her will also be Hermis?

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How can u tell its a hermie and or just a male plant?

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Male plants won’t have pistols as well.


Bounce it on down the road bro, sorry!

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Will do any suggestions on the clones sounds like a dumb question but i read you can turn them hermi by stressing em in the flower period and i did a lot of prun8ng whrn i first switched it so should i trash the clones too?

I would

@Bobbydigital thanks man that makes sense :laughing:

Do you have female flowers too? I don’t see any in the pic?

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Think you’re right. I didn’t zoom in and the stipules looked like pistols

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Yes some of the branches didnt have any seed pods and just pistols