10 day old plant

A question from a fellow grower:

This is a plant of 10 days and I think it looks small and not so wide. What do you guys think?

Looks good , stay consistent , and after the 4 th or 5 th node transplant , give 2.5 ml of B-vitamins or super thrive right before transplant are immediately after transplant . But before I transplant I ph the soil to what the ph was in starter pot .

Our fellow grower would also like to know:

Can I use infrared lamp to provide the plants with heat?

I’m not sure , but as long as the heats is controlled and don’t exceed 90 degrees , I never done such a thang .

Infrared light is a usable spectrum of light for the plant using during dark cycle would be defeat purpose of dark cycle they do sell ceramic heater bulbs for reptile enclosures fit in same fixture as infrared bulb and produce no light. All the heat zero light…