10 day old Blue Amnesia, is she stunted?

70% is humidity.
I water it with ph-ed tap water 6.3.

It is day 12 now
Her 2nd true leaves starting to grow bugg :smiley: and one of her cotyledon is turning brown but I believe she is OK


Hi again guys
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It is Day 17, she grows a little bit on her 2nd true leaves now both cotyledons are browning

But she hasn’t grown any taller, she is only 2cm tall
I am hoping she is growing her root underneath.
I saw on other post that after the third set of leaves, she will grow crazy laterally.

I water her every third day around the edges of pot about 75ml ph 6.3 of bubbled tap water

honestly, I’m still wondering if she is stunted and if there is any remedy for her

any advices will be appreciated


What size is the pot she’s in? I run my seedlings in a Solo cup for that 2 weeks so the roots are fed easier than a large pot. Start watering a nice ring about 6” around the base of the main stem, this will get those roots spreading out searching for the water :love_you_gesture:


the pot is 3 gallon.
should I start giving some nutes for the root?

Start giving her some water closer to the base. She looks thirsty my friend. Also hungry. You said your using some local soil or something. Do you know if there are any amendments in it? You may need some nutes

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Hi guys
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just an update, here is DAY 20 of Blue Amnesia Auto

She grows her leaves but very very slow.

I fed her yesterday with NPK 20-10-10, 1/8 of dose diluted in water and ph-ed 6.3 while waiting on my superthrive order

I water her slowly from the edges of the pot for approx 500ml ( I have not watered it for 4 days and many people said she is starving)

pot size is 2 gallon/7.5 liter

But today I see her leaves a little droopy and turning yellowy.

Does she have any chance to survive?

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She looks a little nitrogen hungry. Water a ring about 6” around the base of the seedling versus the pot edge :love_you_gesture:

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Hi guys

hope you have a great weekend

Just an update on my stunted baby on her Day 24 Blue Amnesia Auto

I water her today with approx 200ml of Superthrive water (2 drops ST in 1 liter) ph-ed 6.2

it was 5 days ago since I water her with NPK 20-10-10 and she turned yellowy.

I hope this superthrive water will make her better

any advices are appreciated

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It’s so hard to advise without knowing what’s in the soil :confused:.
It would apear your watering habits are good, temps and Humidity are good.

It is way to young and little to "water till runoff " to give us a tds reading to gain an idea of what’s in the soil :thinking:

I am at a lose my freind as to what to say :upside_down_face: :confused:
Other then i feel your pain…

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So this is an autoflower that is almost month old?

yes she is autoflower

yes, i bought it on a local shop
it does not have any specs

I changes my soil for other grows and they are fine

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I was just going to say, although it sucks…
If you had more seeds you may want to do exactly that and start some more with different soil.
Autos go through life so quickly, good chance it want produce much.
But lessons learned in life have great value so dont be discouraged.

I don’t care for auto flowers to much just for this reason.
One mistake at the right time early and they just stay tiny :confused:.
A photo period you could literally just jerk it up and replant it and it would take off.


well lesson learned
hope these 2 grow better to harvest

thank you

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Happy Frog and Ocean Forest Mixed my 17 day seedlings

My 5 day seedlings Happy growing season 5/15/22


Looks amazing wowww

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