10 day old Blue Amnesia, is she stunted?

Hi guys
I am a newbie and this is my first grow.
I planted Blue Amnesia to 3 gallon pot with 70% soil mix of 15% coco 15% perlite

I pre flushed the soil and I guess it was too saturated which makes the soil dense.

it has been 10 days, she looks healthy except really small, only 1 inch tall.

I water it every other day with tap water 6.3 ph

Light: LED QBZ 1000W Pro LED (225 pcs 281b+ diodes, 65 watt power) with 30" distance
Tent: 3’ x 3’
Humidity: 70-80
temp: 30-31 C


  1. Do I need to transplant it?
  2. Is it normal for a 10 day old seedling to be this tall? And how do i fix it?
  3. Do I need to add nutes?

Thank you in advanced

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Do some folier spray with just plain bottled water. Very fine mist.

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Dont over water it. use a couple of tbls to water get a clear dome from pop bottle. spray the inside and place over the plant. dont use nutes. The plants roots maybe trying to settle in there somewhere.

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Welcome to the community your plant looks fine like the others said be careful not to over water she’s in a large container she’s probably building her root system she will be off to the races soon


Photo or auto? You mention transplanting? If an auto she’s in her forever home and i go from solo cup to final pots on autos and photos around day 14 plus. Are you using a dome to create moisture for the leaves to absorb to help with root growth? Like all said, she looks good, most likely smaller than usual due to the bigger pot and it’s age. Water a ring about 6” around the base, this will get the roots searching for the water and spreading out. What medium are you using?

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thanks for the advice.
how often should i spray it? daily?

thank you for the advice
should i use a dome eventhough it is very humid 70-80% without the dome?

thanks for the advice.

she is an auto. i have not used any dome since it is quiet humid here 70-80%. should i put the dome with this humidity?

i bought soil from agriculture shop, i think it is mostly compost, but i mixed with 15% coco and 15% perlite
but i pre flushed it too much until saturated that is why I am not confident with this medium and thinking of transplanting it.

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thank you, your comment sounds reliefing

I hope she is building root system deep inside since the pot is quiet big.
I watered daily around 50ml but changed it to every other day starting yesterday

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@22nory with that humidity I wouldn’t think a dome will be be necessary, but if those %’s continue later in your grow mold issues may present themselves. 80 is pretty moist and buds can get damaged.

Welcome to the Class and enjoy your growing!! The search feature here can locate any issues you may run into because trust me it’s been asked a 1000 x’s already lol. Keep the pics coming!!

Thanks for your input
When do you think I should lower the humidity, what stages?

I am very happy with ILGM forum… it has been a big relief and help

Will keep posting the pic later on
Have a wonderfuk day everyone :grinning:

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55-60% For RH in the veg cycle, i adjust this around week 3 above ground or when I see the 3rd-4th growth node approximately :love_you_gesture:

Sure thank you

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Hi Guys hope you have a wonderful weekend

Heres the 11 day old Blue amnesia

just finished watering it (the thrid day) with bubbled tap water ph 6.3 for 50ml using srynge 6 inches away around the stem.

I will foliar spray it later with ph-ed tap water a little around 1 hour before the lights on

She looks healthy and grow a little

Thank you again for all your advices


She will take off. Some just build roots longer. I have a Devils crack and runtz side by side. Crack looked stunted as runtz grew. All of a sudden the crack woke up. I wouldnt worry first couple weeks or possibly more. Happens.

Smaller plant on left crack. Can see her racing to catch up.


@Storm she’s like that little train chugging up the hill I think I can I think I can I think….

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@22nory If you’re using compost you don’t want alot of run off

:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:let’s hope for the best

Will try smaller pot on my new germinated seeds soon
Thank you

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What is the 70 percent soil? 10 days is still a short time. If you are using a soil with high ph like happy frog definitely dont add nutes yet. Just be sure to give it enough light and not too much water. Itll grow!

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