10+ bud sights on a 9 inch plant? Normal or?

I’m sure it’s not 6002 it’s more prolly like 100 to 150 true watts. Which is not bear enough to make a good dense flower will produce buds but not exactly what they r gonna be looking for most likely.

100w Actual draw - I had to look it up.
Yeah - it’ll produce buds but they won’t be as dense as they could be with more light.
But with 1-2 plants running at max as close as possible will help.
I’ve seen decent buds under crappy blurples that came out nice enough so :crossed_fingers: for the OP.

If you can squeeze another on in there - go for it!
This is the lighting in my 2.3x2.3…I know - stupid measurements, but every inch helps! LOL!

I have a 2x2x4 with 2x 135rspecs a far red for flower and a uv bar. Last run I did 1x 135 and got nice bud but I wanna see what 2 will do there. They fit super nice side by side in the tent lol.

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My small tent is pretty maxed out on space LOL!
That’s about 370w TRUE there.
I’ve got the HLG UVA light and a FGI Far Red bar in the 2x4 and debating on adding another of each. Though I really don’t need it.
Both the supplement bars are rated for a 4x4 and they’re in a 2x4. But I’m a Libra at heart - i like symmetry! LOL!