10+ bud sights on a 9 inch plant? Normal or?

Bruce Banner autos
Mars hydro 600W light
Happy frog soil
20/4 light cycle
My main question is someone told me earlier five bud sights is a good amount at this size plant, however I just recounted and a few were hiding. I’ve seen 10+ does this mean anything? Gonna be a monster or is this normal for this size plant? About 9 1/2 inches currently and I’ve counted about 10 bud sights myself currently… any thoughts on this?

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I’ve never heard of someone counting bud sites. They appear at the tips and the nodes of the plant.

I’d be careful about how much nitrogen you give your plant. The leaves are awfully dark. There’s not a problem yet, but I would keep an eye on it. Watch for dark, waxy leaves and burned tips. It will indicate nitrogen toxicity.

Looks pretty healthy. Good growing.


Yea I’ve always heard the happy frog soil his rich in nutrients but also I’ve hesitated giving it any nutrients just yet. Probably gonna wait another two weeks it’s currently week 5 now and the cotys just finished dying off.

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Have to see a full picture of plant

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Sleep time right now so lights are off but got best pics I could.

How old are they? What day?

Five weeks

Looks about normal. Expect them to start getting bigger from here to about day 50

About 35 days old roughly

Looks like you’re in the stretch phase. It’ll get bigger for sure

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Have two plants in a 24x24x48 tent hoping that’s enough for them both

Probably just enough.

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All that matter are those that get a proper amount of light. If they are hidden, open them up. Bend the plant over (not recommended at this stage), tuck any leaves that are blocking those sites or remove the larger fan leaves (doesn’t look necessary on your plant).

At 9" tall and already flowering, there is no chance of a monster. She could double in size over the next few weeks. One of the reasons I don’t grow autos.

As for what’s normal, your plant is probably on the low end. Don’t be discouraged. Your plant looks healthy. You seem to have done a good job and are just a victim of the roll of the genetic dice. Ruderalis (the strain used for autos) is a very short plant. Your plant is just taking after that side of it’s family.


I appreciate the honesty. I’m just hoping for a decent output of buds. Assuming it’s current rate and if it does double for example I’m guessing two ounces but hoping for more any guesstimate ways to tell? I know it’s way too early tho. I’m gonna move those fan leaves if they’re blocking any bud sights. Are the three or four bunches up by the main one a normal thing also?

Too many variables. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

That’s a real good representation of a plant’s top. You just hope it’ll be a little higher on you’re next plant…


Plants look good. It is often the case that fewer buds produce nicer buds by both weight and size. Keep an eye on the buds near the bottom or the interior of the plant and how they compare to the ones near the top and on the perimeter.
It will help you decide next time around what to keep and what to prune.

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Marijuana plants can do a lot of crazy things and look different in a thousand different ways and still be normal.
Your plant looks fine looks like it is in preflower still. Don’t over think it. Plants are gonna do what they want. It’s up to you to provide proper environment, lighting, nutes, and pest control. Do that right and they’ll be better than normal.


Next time (on this particular strain), start with a base media that you can apply the nutrition to the plant.

Watch for those leaves curling under like that and a (not always true depending on strain) darker complexion to the green of the leaves. Looks like a nitrogen toxicity.

Starting with a nule soil (reusing the soil from previous grow after running a hydrogen peroxide/water bath through it) will allow you to be more Controlling of the water soluble amendments.

If you haven’t already, start and keep a log of what you do everyday in your grow. Even the smallest detail may give you an insight on what’s happening in your plant’s environment


Is that all u have for light is the 600w

600w in a 2x2 should be plenty!
Granted - it’s probably not a true 600w but it’s a small space.
I don’t have 600w in my 2x2 and they’re doing fine under the lights I have in there.
And the HLG 350R I have in my 2x4 is what? Like 330w, and it does a fine job of growing.
And it’s yet to hit the full 330w anyway. I max out a click below max and all good!

I’m doing my first auto grow now and as soon as I burn through the auto seeds I have will never do them again! I’ve got the same thing going on - short bushy plant already starting to flower.
You can blast a auto with a klieg light from 1ft away and when it decides to flower it’s gonna flower.
They do what they want!

Once they’re gone I’ll be photo-only.
I want to grow female plants - NOT female humans! :rofl: