10/3/2021 Clone King 36 trial #1

Started up my new Clone King 36 today.

Took clippings from my 4 Gold Leaf Feminized girls.
Used my well water.
Ppm - 20
Ph’ed the H2o to 6.51

Abby - 7 clippings - red pucks
Sandy - 6 clippings - black pucks
Norma- 8 clippings- blue pucks
Hildred - 2 clippings- blue pucks w/X


Nice! Good luck with that. I have heard good things about them. What medium will you be placing your clones into once they root? Enjoy. :+1:t2::deciduous_tree:

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I think I am going to go RDWC

Well water with ppm of only 20? Do you filter it or some thing? My well runs around 150-180.

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Nope. That’s how it comes out. I test it every time. 20 - 40 ppm… but usually 20. High as 50 one time.

Our well is in a primarily limestone aquifer so it picks up a lot of minerals and calcium. The plants like it.


@Hellraiser How long can I keep the clones in the cloner?

Do I need to change the water on some type of schedule or check the ph?

Thank you in advance.

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I generally keep the clones in the cloner for 10-15 days at which point they have sufficient roots for planting.

I never change the water as they are rooted before a water change is needed (at 20 days).

All I do is add more Clear Rez every 5 days (per label directions) and add some more Clonex Cloning solution (per label directions) after seeing root nubs starting. I rarely check the ph to be honest but it would be good to do so at least every 5 days when adding more Clear Rez and adjust as the ph will drift up with time.

Not a single showing of a root yet.

Wouldn’t expect to see any roots after only 4 or 5 days. Give it time, sometimes I don’t even see any roots by day 10 but always have nice roots by day 15.

If you notice any droop in the cutting’s leaves, move them away from the the light some, don’t need much light for cloning.

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Good to know. No droop yet. I took the out from under the bigger light. Room temp was 75 but water temp was 79.8f.

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Will the cut ends of the cuttings get brown?

Yeah they can, quite normal.

Clones went in clone king on 10/3… Nothing.

@Hellraiser are they still on a normal time line you think?

Got some roots starting.
I had to adjust the ph, it was 7.3. Now it is 6.48.
I also added some Tiger Bloom & Big Grow. The ppm was 20 so I boosted it to 250. Now I got 22 of the 32 clones with some sprouters. I tested the ppm because the leaves where getting very yellow and curling…

Felt I had to try something.

I hope the growth wasn’t just a coincidence and I added stuff that will hurt them.

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Yeah roots are starting!

Should be fine. In the future I’d start with the ph at 5.6-5.8 and try ti keep it in that range as aero=hydro as far as nute availabilty and such.

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Thanks. I was following the manufacturers instructions…

I was going to go with 5.8 but second guessed myself, and I don’t have any experience with it so…

Next is to put them in my hydroponic veg tent, sometimes later this week or early next. Still waiting on some parts.

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For those that are interested:

I put 29 clone clippings in my Clone King 36 on 10/3/2021.
4 of them did nothing.

2 of them had minimal roots, but I put them in solo cups with FFHF anyway.

23 of them grew great root structure.
Technically, that is an 86% success rate.

Tap water ph’ed to 6.5
Low dose of Tiger Bloom & Grow Big about 8 days in to session.

Next time I will:
Ph water to 5.8
Use Clonex Rooting Gel & Clonex Rooting Solution

@Hellraiser thank you for the help.


Nice, not bad for your first run of it.

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