10/14 light cycle questions

I’ve heard that creating a 10hr light 14hr dark cycle will double the trichome production. My questions are; 1. Will this method work just as well in an outdoor grow? (I have a small enough grow to accomplish this outdoors) 2. At what point during the flowering stage do you start the 10/14 method?

I am very interested to find out@Drillbit, Only one way to find out . I would think it would be a technique to use in the second half of the flowering cycle after you have already established some decent buds. Only a guess.

I thought that too until I got to looking at my local almanac and seen that there’s still over 11hrs of daylight left in mid October, around harvest time in my part of the world

Sometimes in the last week before harvest I’ll set my schedule for 10/14.

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You would definitely want to do it at the end of your grow last two weeks or so three tops
90% sun shade would work outdoors

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