1 week and no change in seedlings

Im a newbie but the way these seedlings have not grown any bigger or any signs of new growth. Not sure but i think ive f%$#ed it all up. Ive taken them from friend this way. I thought they atleast perk up


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They look fine. They’re probably just busy growing roots.


Look a little yellowish to me.


Yes but they came to.me yellow on sept 30. Buddy gave them to me and he said he gave it some nutes (idk why]) im not over watering or under i dont think. Soils damp and spray domes 2x a day at 76 to 82 deg. Also the soil is just some crappy walmart dirt not even sure what he used. But is it strong enough for transplant to shit i know.

Are they getting enough light? What kind of light are you using?

400w mh about 30 inches above

That should be more than enough, but maybe lower the light a tad to 26" and they might green up.

Ill give it a shot, and ley you know, ill post a pic on Sunday


I lowered light alil but i got a question. Since i have no idea what soil i have the seedling in, should i transplant to a known medium or just test ph untill older or bigger. It seems they just are stuck. They are green and stem is dark and bounces back but leafs look sic as f.

I don’t really think they need to be transplanted yet. I would give them some more time under the lowered light. Let’s see if they green up in a day or two.

What soil do you have? It would be best to use something you know.

I have both ff hf and of . Was planing to use hf for crackin and seedlings then transplant to a 1 to 1 mix of hf and of for veg.
Ill keep dooms wet and ill water tomorrow roots are damp but will be dry with the increase in temp ftom light.

That’s a great plan, just make sure you don’t water too much. Seedlings don’t need much, so just a little spray is all.

So i checked the ph of my soil on the worst looking one and its around 7 or higher like 7.1 or 2. Have used bottle water thats dead on 6.8. Is this affecting them the ph to high. Cause like is said b4 i have no flippn idea what kind of dirt this is. But roots a stem are strong but leafs are crispy and curled on 2 of 4. I hate to waste time and energy on unknown plants. I think i sould start fresh with my ilgm Goldman’s and black widow seeds then i know wjsts fucked and why.

Yes, the ph is the most important thing to keep right. 7.0 or higher is too high, so try to get it down below 6.8. Anything between 6.3 and 6.8 is where you want to be. Don’t worry about the soil, as long as you keep the Ph in check it will work just fine.

I think these plants can make it if you’re willing to put in a little effort. They’re good for practice, you don’t want to make mistakes on expensive seeds.

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I agree on the ph, that’s gotta be right or everything else is in the wind. I noticed that the cotyledons are dying off, so you will want to make sure your medium has enough nutes once they start looking for food. My seedling hung on to the cotyledons for awhile for some reason (maybe because I used clone x in cocoa). I had my seedlings in a big dome with a tray but I never sprayed. Maybe let them breath a little, my understanding is clones need really humid environment and spraying, seedling not as much? As long as you dont let the roots dry out.

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Soil is damp about half inch down was going to water tomorrow what should i use to knock ph down

Ive got ph down for fish tanks can i use that

Ideally, you should use Ph-Down, but if you can’t get any you can try fresh lemon juice.

Yes, the aquarium stuff should work just fine.

For the future, this is the stuff you should use.

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Its 9.6% sulphuric acid