1 week after germination....why are leaves curling?

These were planted in the cups 7 days ago. Is it normal for the first set of leaves to curl under like that? I started em out in rockwool cubes in a humidity dome. When the roots grew out of the hole in the bottom of the tray i put em in these cups filled with fox farm light warrior soil for seedlings. They’ve been surrounded with the blue and blurple flex lights and a BloomPlus xp4000 LED (400w) hanging light set at 65% since the first day aftr germination. Ive used a little bit of superthrive/water mix in a spray bottle but I mostly give em plain distilled water. Any suggestions or info would b extra helpful.

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I don’t feed my seedlings. When I transplant them, they go into 4 parts coco, 1 part composted manure and 1 part perlite. They are good in this for the first month.


I havnt really fed mine either…a couple sprays of a superthrive mix i made when i first plantd em…i just wanna know if its normal for the leaves to b curling under like they are. Ive grown once before but it was outdoors and i dont remembr what they lookd like at that age.

How often do you water them? I only water them a little bit (a few ml applied at the base of the plant). I don’t do the dome thing, but I do mist my plants


Are you running your overhead leds at max power? On plants that size I only use 20% power.

That looks like mine.

I didnt water em at all while in the humidity dome except for when i first put the germinated seeds in the cube but ive been watering daily since i took em out and plantd em in the cups. The cups do have holes sliced into the bottoms so most of water drains out( still stays a little moist tho; especially the rockwool). I keep the overhead light dimmer at 60% and about

18" above the top leaves. Thats what the manfctr specs say to keep it at for seedlings. Humidty stays in the lower 70% area while the humidfier is on but it turns off with the lights at night…all the lighting, fans and the humidifier are on the same 18-6 schedule. The soil seems to dry up pretty quick but the rockwool cube always stays moist. Do u think its overwatering or too much light? There are 3 seperate flexible lights clipped onto the table…the 2 with the 4 thin cylindrical type fixtures always stay on blue only. The other one with the 4 paddle type fixtures stays on a blue/red blurple. Im not really sure if the supplemental colord lights help or hurt it but ive read a little about blue light helps seedlings and plants in the veg state to obtain a strongr root system, a thickr stalk and thickr branches for a heartier plant. I’m just kinda experimenting with those guys. The pics are of my first ever grow outdoors this past summer…random seeds but growing em gave me the grow fever so i had to get the grow tent and all the necesarry components. Much easier outside…dont have to worry about the lighting so much.

Yeah they do look like urs…is that curl normal? How often do u water ur little ladies?

And how long ago did u put the germinated seeds in the medium?

I water very little… My husband’s swears they just need water but I have two of those meters for pH and dampness… And they pretty much alway show a little on the damp aside. Probably because of the crappy dirt I used. I soaked the seeds in water, planted them on 11/10 with one sprouting on the 13th and the second one of the 14th. They came up quick but got too tall and skinny and now they have pretty much quit growing and the leaves look bad as well. I think part of my problem is I put them from the glass of water for germination straight in to 5 gal buckets. But I did give them their first dose of the fox farms nutrients on the…21st(?)I believe and that’s when the leaves starting looking curled and now starting to brown. I’m just trying to hold on till I get some new dirt and the earth dust for them. I am already considering dropping a couple more seeds in to start them. I’ll keep trying but I’m losing hope

I found out that my issue was overwatering. I also put mine straight from germination into their permanent pot but ended up taking em out and puttin em in the cups that u saw i the pic…they startd doin better when i stoppd watering everyday. Now i just use a dropper for watering while in the small cups. I also added some earthworm castings up to the bottom leaves and that seemd to help tremendously. Growing much better now.

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