1-Room 1-Light 3-Plant Perpetual Grow

I was doing the same, but today I set up the second tent.
35-years behind and have a lot to catch up on

I only know growing from 35 years ago and still require adult supervision.
Learning, memory issues compete for space.
Happy, exhausted, and not done yet.


@DEEPDIVERDAVE thoes are both very nice set ups.

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40 year dream, coming true.
Much more to be done.
So much work empire building.

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@DEEPDIVERDAVE i hear ya on the life lonf dream! What were you using for light when you had just the 1 tent? And did you have successfull harvest, or is that why tou went out and got the aecond tent?

We are having coexistence! Few bumps along the way. Burnt one seedling. I had it too close to the light.

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