1 quart glass jars?

Can anybody guesstimate about how much bud weight fits in a 1-quart glass jar ?

I understand this will vary, curious what would be an average weight of a one quart glass jar
( I don’t have a scale ) --thanks

It’s hard to say because different strains and grow methods change the bud density drastically.

DIY a balance with some string and chopsticks, with a sandwich bags

Use a nickel, they’re 5grams.

Yes; I agree with Ntense. I seem to recall that a mason jar qt. holds an ounce or so. :slight_smile: Depends on density.


and I agree with both I have also found the 1 qrt Jars hold about an Oz give or take a little

Concur…after drying I got 5 ounces from my WW…a beautiful thing that fits just into 5 1 quart Mason Jars…I bet the old canners never realised that!


…good to know ! :thumbsup:Thanks

I get on average 58 to 60 grams in a one quart jar.

Now that I have read this entire thread I gotta go see if I’m using one quart jars.

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The jar says 4 cups or 800 mls I get a quarter pound in two jars. Without packing it in.

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Pheww, I thought someone was gonna think I was nuts. :slight_smile:

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Ha ha, yup, I too suffer from C.R.S. can’t remember “@&85.” :smile:


So …pretty much narrowed down to between one and two ounces ?!


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So since I got my scale I’ve answered this question for myself …kinda

Two jars in front of me right now, both filled to three quarters full with different strains

One weighs 18.3g, the other weighs 33.4g

In conclusion, I don’t believe it’s possible to determine the weight inside the jar without actually weighing it

Use the “tare” feature on ur scale.

So depending on dryness and or density, at 28.4 grams per oz it looks like it’s an average one ounce jar to me.

Unless you are a retail dispensary then an oz is only 28 grams. They refuse to add the .4 and the dispensary gets to pocket half a gram for every ounce they sell and resell it. To put that in perspective, Colorado sold over 4 million ozs of rec pot in 2015.

Okay …so I guess what I’m trying to say is some buds are twice as dense as others

…therefore you can’t judge weight by volume

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Never judge weight by volume, NEVER EVER! Not in this game anyway, I generally a bit more than a oz in a jar, maybe 35 grams nice and loose, no cramming. I weigh my jars then write the jar weight on the jar. They weigh from 420 to 470 grams and elminates any guessing :slight_smile:

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