1 plant or 4 plants?

Hi guys and gals,
I have just finished my first grow. And, as a complete newbie who knew nothing, (except that I knew nothing), I followed Roberts bible to the syllable. Let me suggest to any one completely new to this, get his book and study it. You cannot fail. So thanks Robert.
Now, a question for any seasoned growers, my first grow was only two plants and I harvested 9.8 ounces - my next grow I was going to up it to 4 plants. HOWEVER, I read a lot of growers journals and they seem to suggest less is more (yield) if one is to top and scrog. For example, I have a 1.2m ( about 4ft) x 1.2m x 2m grow tent. Top drip system with a 45 ltre resovoir, and 5 gallon pots. My grow light is MH600 and Flower 600 HPS. If I was to veg an extra two weeks with 2 plants ( topping and LST ) , would this yield healthier than 4 plants in the same environment and grow space? The environment is temp; 80-90 Humidity; 50-70% , plant is WW .
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated .

I do not see any reason to sway you from your current success.

If you are training and successfully harvesting a nice crop, add plants until you maximize your grow space potential :slight_smile:

Cheers my friend, and yes, why the heck not :slight_smile: . I must say, I do believe I have found the hobby I always wanted. Growing is addictive, even learning and researching is too much fun.

NPH … last year was my first grow. I planted 3 WW in outdoor pots. And it was a blast. Like you said, it was addictive, so this year I’m going with two different strains and 7 plants. I can’t wait to plant my seeds!! I’m also going to have one planted directly in the ground this year and see how big it gets!

We are so glad to see you all are having fun :slight_smile: