1 plant -1 CMh 315- distance?


I have been trying to get the room situated… as of now I have 1 CMh 315 ovee my blue cookies plant under scrog netting. The plant is 8 days into flowering. I am not certain on the upcoming stretch and i plan on making adjustments as needed. Im looking for a good distance to keep between the lamp and canopy. I have read many many responses and ive been going off of what the plant is looking like… so far so good but I would like to know if there is a distance that I could stick to … Thanks for the help and i apologize for the wording of the question… lol … rough day…


Is start at 18" then work your way down from there. I had mine at 14" but that was because of height restrictions


right on thanks…i was at eighteen but i decided to rearrange some things and some panda film … I currently have the light 21" above the canopy and ill go from there … I appreciate your help my friend… Enjoy your day


I used 14" with a 400 watt HPS because that was supposed to be full sun. Never got too hot and the plant did well.


This is what I got going right now… going to be cleaning and making adjustments in a few minutes. Also waiting for the rooting gel to be delivered and I’m taking 1 good clone.


Beautiful plant. It’s lookin like she’s gonna be a beast


Right now in flower I have my CMH 315 13" away. Good luck and enjoy your girl


… Thanks brotha,… I am hoping that she’s going finish strong. Its only my second attempt at growing and my first scrog… Soooo we will see. .lol … be good my friend… :sunglasses::v:


Good to know… I git mine at 24" now and im gonna see hiw she recovers from the burn i put on her when i tried using 2 CMh 315 lamps 3 foot from each other with the plant in the middle… end result was tooo hot and nit enough ventilation… lesson learned…


I’m hoping to add another 315 watt to my little grow area at Some point. But I’m just making do with one right now. With one it’s pretty easy for me to keep the heat under control. I have a couple of fans going etc. Good luck and enjoy your grow