1 out of 3 ain’t bad I guess? Ideas?

2-3 weeks into veg and one plant is flourishing while the other 2 seem to be lagging. Watered/fed 700ppm good ph yesterday. 18/6 (or 24 hr light last few days to help with the watering) but usually 18/6 and 600w (95w true) in a 2x2 but bigger tent and a second light soon to be on order for flowering time in a month or so.
I’ve tried moving the pots thinking one area was getting better light/fan but the same one keeps on keepin on. Other two no matter what are behind it. Trying to keep them all similar for harvest, if I scrog I guess it might not matter as much. Temps 85-88F.

Any ideas how to just start the 2 runts?

Temps seems a bit high. Try to keep under 80. What are you feeding them? Nutes or just ph water? Don’t know what ur budget is but u prolly want a better light for you 2x2

This is my first grow as well. Check it out

typo, my bad. 75-78 they’ve never been over 83F. Nutes is a bottle of NovaGro 7-4-10 i think; only fed once. Soil is Tupar gold. will be adding a light for sure, HLG 100 to the existing setup but thought it would be too much at this point until th2 2x4 comes in. Think the additional light will help for veg?, thought I read that 30w ish is okay for veggging…budget is limited on what my space allows, a 2x4 tent at this point will be max with 2-3 plants at most for a while. Issue is my wife got me a “kit” for bday and while I love it, like most kits it has the bare minimum so trying to salvage what I can from the gift!

how old? honestly cannot even imagine my plants looking like that…fingers crossed!

Get the hlg 100 in as soon as possible!!! Cannot stress that part enough! I use fox farm nutes and soil.

the 100 in with the current, yes? would i need another with the 2x4 then? so 2x HLG 100 and 1x mars 600 for the 2x4?

Yea the hlg will make a huge difference the sooner you can use them the better!

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3000k or 4000k…getting it now. thx! (will get one of each for the new tent)

4000k has a wide spectrum with more blues in it, better for full life cycle( veg and flower) 3000k has less blues in it better for flowering. If it was me I’d go 4000k Vz I doubt my wife would let me have a veg room and a separate flower room.

same here. 4000k it is. and to be sure (cuz I started early this morn lol) gonna add in the HLG 100 to the existing setup, then when the 2x4 comes add another light to it to have 3 in there (and probably get the 3000k at that point)

That sounds like a solid plan!!

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