1 out of 15 out of pop culture fem.(skywalker og) and three auto gg#4 sprouted. That's it

1 out of 15 out of pop culture (1 skywalkerog) and only three auto gg#4 sprouted. That’s it. 2 separate orders.

@19cwdp73 Welcome to the community. Where did you get the seeds from?

2 seperate orders from ILGM

I’m curious to know how you started them if you don’t mind?

between moist paper towels, on a plate in a drawer

You can try to contact ILGM about it they may replace them or give you credit towards your next order.

Ilgm is really good at replacing non germinating seeds.

Still, that’s a lot to not sprout. Perhaps a different method is in order?

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I thought thats what I was trying to do.
I thought site said you have to go to a forum or something.

Sorry. I thought this was a complaint thread.

I use 2oz distilled water, 5 drops hydrogen peroxide, then drop the seed in. I place this In the dark, and on a heated seedling mat for 12 hours, This usually cracks the shell and sometimes a small tail emerges.
After 12 hours I remove seed, drop it in a small glass of distilled water, swirl it around GENTLY to remove the h.peroxide, and then grab my tweezers.

I GENTLY place the damp seed in a small amount of mykos, coating it.

I use solo cups with many holes at the bottom for seedlings. I place the cups on a heated seedling mat for the first week, or until the 3rd node develops.

I use a seedling specific soil (mostly just perlite, peat moss, and some other lightly enriched soil). I moisten the soil, then use a pen/pencil to poke a 1/2” deep hole. I pour a little more mykos in the hole, gently place the seed tail side down, drop a bit of dirt on top to cover it, spray with distilled water, then place a clear dome over the cup and leave the lights on 24/7.

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Not sure if you do this, but I put mine a ziplock to maintain moisture. I’ve had 100% germination so far.

So the process that I go by is:

  • 24 hours in room temp distilled water
  • 24-48 between most paper towel then placed in a sealed ziplock
  • Check the tap root
  • If taproot is the desired length, then its cup time

I see people using the clear cups inside solos but that’s totally up to you. Happy growing bro

Go to home page scroll down to support then click on contact us and send them a e-mail. Hope this helps


Your welcome