1 out 12 seeds didn’t sprout

1 out of 12 seeds sprout out of 4 packs, 9 pound Hammer, White Fire, Banana Kush, and Night Train. The 1 seed of Banana Kush sprouted

I have only seen banana kush on ILGM’s list of seeds.

Sorry had to window open, one was for Pacific Seed Bank, going delect that, Yeah for this on 1 out of 5 pop

Pacific Seeds is a scam their breeders don’t exist.

Always do your research on seed banks before you use them

You might want to change up how you germinate the seeds. 1 of 12 is not a very good percentage.

Everyone needs to work out what works best for them. If you don’t succeed the first time review what you are doing, solicit suggestions from others and try doing things differently.

I know it now.:poop::poop::poop: