1 of 3 plants has leaves drooping, stems curling, during week 2 of flower


See sad, sad pictures. Other plants seem to be happy, but this is a diff strain, they have been treated the same.

This plant has always been behind and seems to want to kill itself – I’d prefer if it didn’t.

Nute burn on the leaves is old. I think this is watering related, but can’t figure out how. I probably water too often. It started drooping and wilting when it went too long between waterings – all 3 plants appeared underwater. I gave all the plants water and this one seemingly hasn’t bounced back. I gave it very little P and K, as I’ve been conservative with nutes.

I’d prefer if this plant didn’t die, so taking all ideas.

@urge. I am a new grower and have no advice. My Skywalker OG is naturally droopy. I hope she perks back up!

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I folier fed and it got a bit better. Visually, some of the gradient coloration was improved.

Any ideas? The droopiness is a first for me.

Let me tag some growers that have helped me directly or indirectly. Droopiness can be a sign of overwatering or under watering.


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Looks to me like it has the slightest amount of nute burn which isn’t gonna hurt just don’t increase your food. The droop seems to be just normal end of the day resting after some heavy light there’s some slight taco to the tops to just watch your light level might want to go up a couple clicks or dim slightly. The only other thing I would do is clean up the bottoms of all that little stuff that doesn’t get any light



I was just looking over the plant and saw a hairline split at the base of the stem. You can kind of see it in the picture of the base of the stem. I’ve taped it back together/splinted it, but tough to say if it’ll bounce back, hermie. There was maybe 1/16" inch split, about a half-inch long. Side that had less stem material took the worst of it, which you can kind of see. Fortunately I was foliar feeding it as a last-ditch effort and hopefully that compensated for what it wasn’t getting through it’s roots. Just a tough break – literally.

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That little split ain’t gonna hurt it, I’ve broken em in two and taped it up and it lived

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