1 month and a little light burn

20190225_062803 My first grow is officially 1 month old! Im learning alot and still have plenty to learn. I started with just two girls and they are way different.

Any pointers or ideas I should try?
How do they look otherwise?


They look perfect


It looks like some minor bite burn maybe. If you can copy and paste and fill this out. It helps folks assess what you have going on.

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA:

Age from sprout:
Age from flower:

Soil in pots(what size?) what type, Hydroponic, or Coco?

How often do I water and how do I determine when to water and what’s the pH

PH and PPM of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS.

Indoor or Outdoor:

Room size:

Light system, size, height from plants:

Temps; Day, Night:

Humidity; Day, Night:

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size:

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier:

Co2; Yes, No:

White widow, ILGM
Using happy frog soil
Using 3 gallon plastic pots
Roughly about 6.5 ph
Nutes from flora nova 1 teaspoon per gallon of h2o
Indoor plants
600 watt mh and hood from daystar
Keeping around 75 day and 73 at night
Usually around 52 humdity
Oscillating fan
And a small humidifier
No co2

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When you say roughly about 6.5 PH do you have an accurate PH pen?

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No ive been using the dye and an unreliable ph meter

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Get a “good” PH pen and PPM pen, they will save you a lot of heartache.


Ive been looking for a decent one… any recommendations?

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I use a Testo, but Apera and Bluelab are used by a lot on the forum :+1:


An accurate pH meter is key. I use a cheap one that requires constant calibration. If you have the money get something better.

You should also pick up a TDS/ppm meter. This will help you gauge how much nutes you are adding to your water and how loaded your medium is with nutrients to help avoid bite burn.

This is my list of stuff
Check out this Idea List on Amazon: MassCanGrow - my growing supplies by MassCanGrow http://a.co/hBitQ1M


It does look like light burn. How close is your light? Orherwise your,plants look very healthy.

These girls are drooping like a motha f@%%#^
What the hell did I do wrong. @WickedAle @garrigan62 @Hungrybud @shindig153

Are you overwatering? Plants can get droopy when there is little airport the roots to feed on.

I don’t believe so… but I dont know, i last watered with nutes on Saturday and I watered this morning the pots seemed light…

Besides the droopy leaves she looks healthy. How big is your pot? Could be the roots are running out of space.

Leaves can droop after watering as the plants drinks up. They will rebound

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@shindig153 @Sixpackdad. My pots are 3 gallon nervously considering transplanting to 5 gallons. And they have perked back up after I watered them. Seem to be doing fine…


Your plant looks healthy got transplanting. I would go to whatever size you want for the final pot size. I use 5 and 10 gallons.

5 gallon will work. I use 10 gallon fabric pots. Gives me plenty of room. Fabric pots are cheap on amazon.

Thanks for the suggestions. I got my ph meter in the mail today! And after watering the girls the other day they came right back