1 is growing slower

A question from a fellow grower:

Just recently purchased some seeds from your store, quick delivery thank you. I’m using the aero garden to start the seeds. I have used this with great success in the past. One of the seeds took but is not growing and does not seem to be producing roots as quickly as in the past. Any advise on what I could be doing wrong this time around or do I just need to be a bit more patient as maybe they are just slower to take off?

They could be slower to take off due to it being 2 different plants, you may have to fluctuate environment to new sable to get the other to keep up, such as check temperature day and night , humidity levels, keep steady ventilation, and how close are your lights also what kind of lights are being used

Thanx for the reply, one seems to be taking off now. Just needed to be a bit more patient. I also changed up my setup and now added some fans for better airflow, seems to be helping. Thank you for your the feedback.

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Also Keep It Simple - for first grow - you will learn some thing new each grow - your next row is all ways better !!!

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Any time best of luck buddy