1 gsce seedling, weird color stunted?,first grow, pics and all details

Hello I am posting about my single gsce seedling. Germinated with water soak then paper towel, then into solo cup. Used purified drinking water to germinate. She is 18 days old from when i dropped her in water to soak… So the issues that she appears to be having are: very slow growth, now I know that they will spend time establishing their roots so this may not be an issue at all, but she seems small for her age. The other issue is her color, I know she looks yellow but she’s actually a super bright lime green…or yellow-ish im not sure but looks more lime green to me. I will put lots of pics at the end of the post. I want to try to do an organic supersoil grow and will be ordering things from lists I have found on this forum in a week or so. She is currently in “sort of compost”, which is a half and half mix of the soils pictured, a tablespoon or two of recharge, a little bit of coffee grounds, a few orange peels, lots of banana peels and eggshells. All compostables I dried out then blended up to a powder before mixing in the soil. The black tote pictured is what it currently looks like, I think I see mycelium growing if I’m not mistaken? I water her with tap water filtered through a charcoal filter, and wait 24-36 hours after soil appears dry maybe longer, the soil shrinks away from the sides of the cup before I water. And no I do not have a ph or ec meter yet but I will get them. The first lights she was under were the pictured walmart blurples, about 30 actual watts total. The light she is under now is white and 100 watts specs are in pic also, my only concern is that its not a “growing specific” led light, is that a problem? She has never once showed any signs of unhappiness, wilting,or stress at all, leaves always look perky, worshipping/reaching to the light. I will gladly accept any advise, or help I can get. I’m sure there’s some info I forgot. I’m going to try and tag some people who’s journals and posts I’ve read quite a few of, hope I get the names right im doing this from memory. @Bogleg @Hellraiser @dbrn32 @Budbrother @Poseidon @imSICKkid @MidwestGuy. I will for sure need more info as the grow continues like when I mix the soil, or upgrade lights. Sorry for the long post here are the pics


U gotta get it out of that solo cup. Autos are not meant to transplant, u wanna start them in their forever home. I transplanted mine after 3 days and she actually survived it. I’m gonna say u haven’t seen growth because of what ur growing her in. U gotta get that into at least a 3 gallon pot asap. Once she’s in a bigger pot, she will blow up. Good luck :crossed_fingers:

Yeah that is tiny for that age, very stunted growth.

When I see off-color plants like yours, it’s a usually a sign of a pH problem.

When you use a custom blend of soil/compost like you’re doing, you make it very difficult for anyone to really help you when you run into problems as no one else is going to be using that mix. The problem could be in your soil and whatever pH it ended up at, add in not pH’ing the water as well and you get what you have.

Probably be OK for veg but won’t be great for flowering.


If it’s an auto, that little girl has a looooot of making up to do with very little time. At 18 days, she will be ready to flower in about 3 weeks. She still needs to be transplanted also, which can set them behind a few days, if not careful. Honestly, you may want to start over with a good soil. With a good soil and the right nutes and light, you can start one now that would look further along than what you have in a month if you grew the current one out. Not trying to be a buzzkill. Good luck, happy growing!

Do you have any draining holes on the solo cup an tote? Just curious @Shesmyheroin

Thanks for the replies! I knew I left out valuable info, she’s a photo, yes there are holes in the bottom and lower sides of solo cup, none in tote. So here’s my plan based on the replies, germinate a replacement, get a ph and ec pen, keep current seedling going as best I can, should I just get rid of all my potting mix and compost, and go get ffof or roots organic? I do still want to build a supersoil though so I would need something that would be an acceptable base soil. Let me know what you think or if I should do something different? Here’s a pic of her today showing slight growth. Watered her last afternoon 6 oz. Top of soil is bone dry already but I’m sure she’s wet further down. Thanks fellas!