1/4 and 1/2 lb bag size

On this style of mylar bags what size do you use for 1oz - 1/4 lb and 1/2 lb? I have a 4.7 x 6.7 and it is great for 1/2 oz.

this style bags


I don’t use bags. I use glass Mason Jars. I use two different sizes. The big one I have hold 1oz depending on if the buds are dense or airy.


I use mason jars also. These would be for selling oz’s and qp’s

In Colorado they place them in several different size plastic bottles. This one could hold 7 grams.

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I have perfect mylar bags for 7g and 14g. I am looking for a size for 28g and 112g.

I tried to put the pic on from amazon for the style but it keeps putting up the page with my info so I took it off


Is this what you mean?

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yes. that is the style the one I use has 12 or so sizes and one side clear.

maybe copy/paste description in amazon

100Pcs Stand Up Clear Silver Zip Lock Resealable Aluminum Mylar Foil Plastic Packaging Bag Zipper Heat Sealable Smell Proof with Tear Notch Long Term Food Storage (4.7x6.7 inch)

Whoa, wait. People sell marijuana?


5 gallon buckets

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