#1 2022 outside grow

:point_up_2: nice catch

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Beautiful looking spider though :sunglasses:

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@Myfriendis410 journal pic

This is my 1st time grow and i am wondering about fertilizer. Im on week 4 and i have started out with fox farm grow big ( 6-4-4 ) but i think the girls need a little more any suggestions. My opinion purple haze needs a little help but it may just be me

London pound cake

Grand daddy purp

Purple haze


I see nothing wrong but if you want to give them more. Schedule calls for Big Bloom and Grow Big together. I do feed mine big bloom all the way through the grow. I am more careful with the grow big. I also give tiger bloom half or less of schedule every 3 or 4 feedings. When I do that I cut back that much on the grow big. When schedule calls for tiger then I feed half dose steady still cutting back on grow big though.
I really don’t know what to advise here though because i grow indoors only under more controlled conditions.

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Quick update… my grand daddy purple is flowering it is no where near time to start flowering i hope this does not create problems down the road

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Just need to be feeding her flower nutrients, unless in organic soil. She will just be ready to harvest before the rest.

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