1/2 yellow leaves curving to the side?!🤷🏼‍♂️

I have searched and searched for any information on what would cause this? Some of the leaves started to yellow (but only 1/2 of the leaf), and curve to the side. Anyone know what could be causing this?

Living Soil with Organic Nutes
12/12 week 3 Flower
480w LED @ 24”
Soil Ph is 6.3
75f day / 71f night

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@MeEasy living soil problems. This guy can help ya I bet buddy here you go. :wink: I don’t know much about living soils.

Organic nutes


@ConcreteBudz Thank you

@GreenSnek any idea what the issue is?

That’s a genetic mutation called variegation. It’s not harmful to the plant.


Ok, I read that on a different forum thread. I’ve been growing this strain for years with no issues. The plant seems happy and she is popping some big & dense buds so I haven’t changed a thing in my routine.

Thanks for the info, appreciate it!

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Thanks for the tag @ConcreteBudz , hi @ElJefe420 I’m seeing some normal use of stored nutrients from a couple leaves, I mean really minor. That half yellowing thing going on on the leaves has a weird name I can’t ever remember but it’s genetic I believe and doesn’t hurt the plants it’s pretty common I see it mostly on younger plants. I’d just keep going as you are I don’t see anything concerning at all… pretty plants good luck :+1:


:grimacing: :laughing: oops I always do that, I should have read through the thread you already got an answer and Bobby actually remembered the name of the yellowing