1/2 tsp per gallon Superthrive?

Hello, I transplanted about a week ago and in the high heat 99+ my 3 plants seem stressed. So I moved them in spotted light and they dont droop much… slowly been getting them used to the sun again. I bought superthrive yesterday and read on the bottle to use 1/2 tsp per gallon. So I did. I been reading that people literally only use few drops a gallon…
Is this going to hurt my plants there about a month and half old. 1 foot + tall bushes (been topped 1). Shouldni flush? Will they be ok? Thanks russ…

It says a drop per cup. It may be ok

Ok man I thought the 1/4 tsp was a 1/2 I’ve read people giving them 1 tsp 0er gallon so not sure

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Also it’s ok to mix with feed right? Sorry still new to these things like to ask the professionals

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LOL, people still use that snake-oil?


Ive mixed it with nutes before. Gotta use ph up though. I only use at the beginning of veg or transplant

Does it not work? Somebody told me to use it cuz my plants been stressed after transplant… smh idk who to believe half the time x.x

It does work. When ive transplanted and used it my plants never skipped a beat

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LOL, and I don’t use it and transplant and my plants take off anyway.

It’s basically a vitamin supplement, even smells like a vitamin, has some B1 and some other crap in it. Won’t hurt your plants but most other nutes have everything in it that superthrive does, it’s not a magic potion. Their packaging is ridiculous and should give you a clue, does it still say Superthrive helped the US win WWII on it? Used to when I first used like 30 years ago.

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Thanks man some one told me I needed it x.x should done my research . Thanks is for the info man

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No problem, I used it as well when I first started growing, as everyone is always looking for that magic potion to make their plants grow better, then you come to realize after a while that plants grow better by keeping them healthy by providing proper nutrition (use complete fertilizers) and giving a great growing environment (good light, temps, fresh air, etc…). No short cuts to success.

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