1/2 Gallon Pot - Watering Concerns

I have two 1/2 Gallon fabric pots. One with Northern Lights, one with Amnesia Haze (from ILGM).

After several set backs, both are growing and seemingly doing fine. Have noticed a little limping to the NTH - suspecting heat stress. Has not showed sings of flowering, yet. 13" tall, about 22" from light.
(Bloom-Plus 1000 full spectrum).

AMN in pre-flower. 12" tall, 23" from light.

It seems as if I am needing to water everyday. It is hot in my grow space. Temps hovering around 82 consistently. Will not be able to bring down for entire growth period (wife is not happy about money spent already.)

Growing in closet on second floor, hence the consistent heat. Can run AC for a short time which brings temps down a bit, but increases humidity level (currently RH 56).

I water in the AM when light cycle begins, or at times in the PM when the light cycle is going to end. Not sure if one is better than the other?

Weight of pot is main determining factor for watering. After about 5 weeks, I think I have a good idea of dry vs. wet weight. Each plant is taking about 540 ml before run-off. Under the circumstances, is watering everyday seem plausible?

Thank you. Learning a lot from everyone here, and it is very much appreciated. I am a first time grower and trying to stay as hands-free as necessary. Killed two seedlings by over watering at the start!

Could be, you didn’t say what medium you’re in.

82 is a great temperature.

We could tell you more if you share more. Especially pictures.
Welcome to the forum.

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Hello @Covertgrower. Thanks for the reply. Read a lot of your posts. Always great knowledge you share.

Sorry, didn’t mention soil bc assumed proprietary soil mix which comes from “A Pot for Pot.” Have no clue what it is. They call it “Superb Soil” and state nothing but water need be added.


New growth beginning to curl upwards.


Pre-flower. Still not sure what constitutes pre and full-out flowering?

Thank you. Much appreciated.

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Pot for pot kit does not suggest to water to run off.
I would water when the pot feels light, or you can tell the soil is becoming dry when you stick your finger in the soil.

Always willing to share knowledge, just have to ask! I must be in more places in the forum than I remember… :thinking: lol


Forgot about this question. Preflowers are just showing sex, it’s ready to flower. Actual flowering doesn’t happen until you change the light schedule to 12/12 , that will will result in flowers in about 2
Weeks after it transitions. Unless this was an auto flower. I forgot if it was.

Yes, you are correct; it does not state anywhere to water to run-off. I did that based on all the posts I have read about watering and measuring ph and ppm. Truth be told, have not done that yet - waiting on the tools coming this week.

Do you think they look healthy? Might need better pics, though. Old camera… :neutral_face:

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your 1/2 Gallon fabric pots seem small, I use 7 gallon .


Found that out when I saw the box arrive at the doorstep! :astonished:

I am so new, that I didn’t want to bite off more than I can chew, to use a cliché.

So, when I decided to give this a try, I decided to start small. If this grow continues well, I will be sure to upgrade to larger pots. Of course, my grow space is only about 2x2.


Good job ! I think your plants look happy


what height have you got in your 2 x 2 grow ?
ps : read and read again the excellent GUIDES above…they hold the knowledge :green_heart:

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Sorry, didn’t mention that they are autos. I am going to switch to a 12/12 from 18/6 for two reasons: 1. save a little money by not running at peak hours; 2. Try to reduce the heat stress. Room is now up to 84. Highest it’s been was 86 a few days ago.


12:12 is good.

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I’m running 11/13 with my auto.

It’s cooler and cheaper in the evening. To swap all you have to do is not let your lights come on in the morning and wait to start your 12/12 or 11/13 whatever at night.

Just other possible options for you to think about

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Hey, just found your post. @Covertgrower and the others have given you a lot of great info. Generally, you need to water more often with a smaller pot. I am finishing my first grow with a pot for pot. After looking at their soil(s) (because they gave me the “super soil” in a small bag, and also some other soil that was to go on top of the super. Mine was a 2 gallon. Didn’t know they made anything smaller than 2 (which is what they told me). When I saw the soil that came with everything
I contacted them on using nutrients. They told me that I didnt need to, but I could if I wanted to. If I did, only use 1/3 of the manufacturers directions. This is what I ended up doing because in mid veg the plant was not growing as well, and looked to be deficient in some nutrients. It responded well to this, especially nitrogen. I used a 15-5-5 in veg. Your plant will yell you if it isn’t happy. And the forum and journal groups have great people to help you if you run into a problem


@patchman That is great info. Many thanks. I am watering everyday now. The soil dries out completely overnight as temps have been really high recently. I keep a fan blowing 24/7 due to high humidity as well. All this dries the soil out faster, I suppose. Not to mention the ladies have probably used up all the space for root growth. I haven’t noticed any drainage issues, that is to say, the water doesn’t just poor out from the bottom, so there is retention of moisture.

I am riding it our without nutes since I think I am about 2- 3 weeks, but only the girls know when their time comes! :smirk:

Definitely will keep a close eye on them and see what they are telling me!

You spoke in past - did you harvest already? What strain? From the 2G pot, what was your yield?

Many thanks for the info.

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No I have not harvested yet. I will take some of t he buds this week and let the others that are behind get “ripe.” This was my first grow. Its a blueberry auto from Robert here at ILGM. Had a light issue and some nutrient issues so its not the biggest and the baddest, but thats not what I am after.

thats a couple of pics. The lights I first used are now my picture lights. But I can use them for lower lights if I swap out the bulbs. Good luck, and i will try to get that yield for you. They are not big buds but there are a lot of them


As with the other pics, plant looks real nice.

How many weeks into flowering?

I also have a BB. She is my best plant so far. Buds are nowhere near that size! :woozy_face:

As you said, not really the high yields. Want to grow my own. It’s better than that 20% tax at the dispensary on top of the high cost per 1/8!

She is just about 6 weeks of flowering tomorrow. Just looked at the trichomes and they were like glass bulbs on sticks! I am guessing at least 3-4 weeks more?

Keep posted.

Happy growing.

I will have to get you a date on how long she has been flowering. From my pictures it looks like about 8 weeks. But I had a light issue which held her back. I am hearing around 12 weeks for most autos total. That should be taken with a grain of salt, as autos have a mind of their own. The biggest bud is almost 7 inches, and the others are not that big. If your tricomes are still clear then those buds are still filling out. Its not about all that to me anyway. I look at some of the buds on others’ pics and they are huge. Even blueberry autos. If I get an ounce or two I will be very happy, knowing that my grow operation was cheaper than what I would have paid to buy the same amount from a dispensary. Keep growing!