1&1/2 months in I think theses ladies are growing good

My clones are growing so fast


Plants are looking good !

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I agree they look great. Its a controversial opinion but i like those mars ts models u have. I have the ts600 and ts1000 amd they work pretty well.


What strains?

Two on the left are fat so the one in the middle is Flo white number seven the one on the right in the back is sour diesel one in the front is magic melon

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Rad. U clone them urself or got it elsewhere?

Two different shops I bought them from I think my 2 x 4‘ grow space is Too little for five plants did not realize that.about to take out the exhaust fan and only leave the filter in to make more room for all the lights and plants.my very 1st grow


I guess it depends on how big ur gonna grow em in veg and hiw many true watts u have fir coverage and uf u train them. U could make all 5 work