0oooo! Woooe-ho-ho! 😲 FLASHBACK Grow Mann!


Aawww look at that face! He’s sorry Daddy. Although his eyes do look pretty stoned hahaha


Awe poor kush. He couldn’t help himself. :sob::sob::sob:

You need to buy him this to keep him from eating yours.


Awwwwe, poor puppy. What did he do to deserve that?


Go back up (137) look and see


Oooh! He did that?! BAD DOGGIE!


Bad doggie indeed sometimes they keep me from going crazy others they drive me crazy! They’ll bounce back… hopefully.


Kush is thinking " Ill never get another biscuit, and I could eat a box of them right now. Damn man at least it wasnt some big buds, but shes a tuff girl. I bushogged about twenty down one time and I actually found some later that had cloned themselves. Had little girls everywhere. Yeah shes tuff.


I’ve grown outdoors for a couple of decades. Rabbits and other woodland creatures have done worse to my plants over the years. Tis but a flesh wound :joy::rofl:


Yeah I used to hunt for fox dens and plant as close to them as possible for some extra protection.


@GreenCoat & this is the one he ate @Familyman


Oh god. I thought pit bulls ate kids, not salad :rofl:


Looks like he did some fimming for you.


dang bro,looks like something my dog would do…lol


Man Brother so sorry. They don’t call it weed for no reason. It’ll push throvugh this…


It’s been 16 days since Kush munched down on my plants. Here is Cindy (lft) and Lucy as of today.

I just got done super cropping Lucy, and I removed the screen. Added another light and 2 AWW in there, along with the BD & TNG clones.


That supercrop is BRUTAL. Dude have u no heart?!?!


Looks like Kush just topped em for ya!! Great growing!!


It looks like they bounced back from his snack :joy::rofl:


Sorry, Purp, but nope, no heart. You see, it was stolen by Gypsies many moons ago.

Btw, She’s doing fine this morning.


gypsies got you too…lol