0oooo! Woooe-ho-ho! 😲 FLASHBACK Grow Mann!


I move them into the other tent for photo opts.

Here they are in all their blurple gloom for ya :stuck_out_tongue:


My eyes oh my eyes noooooo



Couldn’t have said it any better, so I bought it :sunglasses:


I’d rather have penis and weed.


They had those but this is my personal choice


well u already have the other two, so now u are looking for more. it makes sense u already have it all lol


She has both



Nice looking girls.


Cindy is a bush!!


Yeah, like Afina.


That’s messin with my other scrog. Finally had to give up, and let them just grow. If that happens to Cindy, what is poor LSD going to do?


A motto i can get behind! And in front of… possibly even under!


Found out about the lab a few days too late. Guess it’s my consolation prize now


Got them transplanted on Thanksgiving

I forgot about Lucy, but this is one of Cindy’s roots.




a million likes to you sir


I just got done building the drip tray for them. I left the tent open while I went outside to build it…

Came back to this fiasco. Damnit Kush!!!

Cindy got it the worst, but I know both have healthy roots and are very strong. Shit happens… Guess I won’t be leaving any tents open with him unattended from here on.


Oh no Kush was hungry! Bet he doesn’t have a care in the world right now :no_mouth:


hopefully many colas come from this cat tasthrophy :frowning: … tlc the heck out them


I’m sorry, Dad

Can I come out yet?