0oooo! Woooe-ho-ho! 😲 FLASHBACK Grow Mann!


True dat man


New month and into their new pots today. Eyes have to adjust to the old :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: blurple lights again. It has me feeling like Gollum…
“It burn us!!”

Off to water them now :v:t3:


Looking good :wink:


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: They got some transplant droop going on, but I bet they look better (to me) tomorrow.


Here something pretty to look at

It’s dropping into the 70’s at night, and it’s bringing out the colors of my succulents :smile:




I just built a sound dampener for the fan this morning. I couldn’t take it anymore. It wasn’t horribly loud or anything, but it was sound that would make a guest to my house wonder… What is going on in that room?

I know- It could use some paint. Problems for another day. It’s the weekend baby!


That’s cool. I know the feeling my fan is a little louder and I thought it would be too. I can hear it in my living room. part of it is I know it’s running but if somebody was here and they heard it they’d Wonder also


When it was in my bedroom, on top of the tent; I just put a cardboard box over it. That will cut out a few dB’s


That’s a good idea too. I’m hoping once I hook the filter up the noise won’t be as loud.


That will also help out slightly.


Starting to look like the mad scientist lab man ,lol. Really looks clean and efficient, mine has a slight vibration somewhere and it will drive me crazy when it kicks on high. Don`t need any attention from anywhere…


I used some silicone tap on the back before bolting it down. I didn’t want any vibration noise.


@Budbrother, How many fans are you running in your 2 tents? Is the box on the wall going to your main exhaust to outside? I’m setting up a veg and a flower tent in my 6x8 closet and trying to figure out how to route all my ductwork.


I used rubber boots on my through the walls areas, I think it was a loose screw on the outlet vent, but I`m changing grow areas to an 8x10 corner of a larger workshop. It is going to be a lot better. So I know I will have new problems.


I have an tower fan for air circulation mounted inside each tent. Also a ducted exasust fan that is piped into a center wall, so it blows the hot air into the attic.
This is only a temp situation. I need a 6” duct fan to run the exhaust & carbon filters for both tents. Luckily it’s the colder time of year, and I can get away running both off a 4” for now. Almost forgot, the smaller tent (32”x32”x63”) also has an inline duct booster fan to equalize the negative pressure in both tents.


Both got fim’d today. First set of true leaves 17 days ago - Week 3 (veg)


Cindy wants to be a bush too huh?


Both under a single blurple light… some plants just feel like being a bush.


Wouldn’t have guessed by way light in tent looks. All good though, can’t wait til it’s time to trim a little bush lol.