0oooo! Woooe-ho-ho! 😲 FLASHBACK Grow Mann!


I wish I would have had a couple burples back in the 70s.


hahaha @roost1

When I grew back in the day, we were so paranoid this was how I got my 400w HPS. My friends brother lived in CO. Wasn’t legal there then either. I gave cash to my friend who gave it to his brother who bought the light and brought it to NY on a visit. It was a good light and I still have it but it’s a hydro hog and I use it to work on my snowmobile in the garage as it’s like a sun lamp (heat).

I was damn lucky to have that baby back then.


Ok friend :+1:I was just being supportive bro. I dont have any personal investment in any of your choices.


In the 90’s, I worked at an electrical supply place. I was growing in a closet under t5’s and decided to give hps a whirl. With the temps here already, plus what the light put out, it didn’t make it a week before I tore it out; and I went back with the fluorescent bulbs again. I was so happy when the LEDs came on the market, and I’ve never looked back again. I just wish that there was a forum like ilgm back then. I wasted sooo much money over the years!


Gotta love the weekend!


Dat damn Dicky :joy::joy: sup @Budbrother :facepunch:t5::facepunch:t5:


What’s the :sun_with_face: do behind the clouds :partly_sunny: :joy::joy::joy::joy: I’m trying to see that :joy::joy::joy::joy:


anything yet @PurpNGold74 ?
OSG got his


Yo I got you Purp :facepunch:t3: Let’s get twisted


That would actually be HST …?


Nope :pensive::pensive::pensive: my mail people suck donkey :peanuts:… and i missd the party @Budbrother but we can always just start another


Man, when your mail people suck doesn’t leave a lot of hope for the rest of us haha.


Hahaha! Aint that the truth! I always try to redirect it to my office but it never works out. Just a damn shame :joy::joy: n ups has a tendency to deliver 90% of the stuff here. USPS is usually much easier but when its something i want… not so much. Now bills? They come without a hiccup


Ups and I have a relationship, albeit not a good one. I try to use usps when possible.


Also our UPS looks absolutely mouthwatering in her brown pants. So there is always that… just she’s sooooo slow


I finally got my Mammoth P yesterday. It was delivered by UPS (Sat) to the USPS who finally delivered it yesterday. That’s some wack ass shit right there.


Yup. Mine did the same. Its at the store. Hopefully some pothead didnt take it home :joy:


Mine shipped anonymous


It’s a shame that these both are crammed into a 32”x32” tent.


Man those both look phenomenal!:eyes::eyes::deciduous_tree: