0oooo! Woooe-ho-ho! 😲 FLASHBACK Grow Mann!


:joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy: u should definitely breed him. I can see pothead puppies across 50 states


Hell he probably get top dollar for them dogs. People wouldn’t have to tend to their plants anymore


You’ll see him on the cover of High Times one day if ya keep it up :rofl::joy:


Yeah but just think of the money he could make you :wink:


DOOOO ITTTTT! High Times would love it


Hay purp we get part of the cut because we’re marketing for him lol


He is HIGH AF and wants some hot dogs man…


High AF would probably be right :wink:


Hot dogs? He looks like a deer sausage/ turkey link kinda dog. :joy::joy:


Hell naw steak!


He had prime rib bone on New Year’s day


Yeah as long as it is meat he probably don’t care.


See I called it! I knew he was a steak guy :wink:


That is true. Most dogs would fuq up taco bell AND ruth chris. No diff :joy:


Ohh, the granddog got a Taco Bell gift cards in his stocking and a Wendy’s one. He loves the nuggets there.


Hahahaha. :taco: n :cut_of_meat: . U might really be family man. U n dat damn dog. Roxie isnt allowd pass the hall that goes to the grow room


When I saw this, I laughed so fuq’n hard; I may have squirted a bit of pee!

Ooo what a happy day :crazy_face:


It is a happy day to return home after serving, but wtf is wrong with our govt they would have had him away from his family so long. Btw how did he have a baby if he was gone 3 years?




Ah i see and that was ur point.

Probably she visited him nearby his deployment about a year ago