0oooo! Woooe-ho-ho! 😲 FLASHBACK Grow Mann!


The dog knows his shit! Total dankness has been achieved with this one


my dog digs root structure as well as the tops…lol


Eat a photo, shit aint nothing but a thang. I’d get totally upset if he were to start diggin in my pot’s, pots.

  • @BIGE This ain’t outside, keep it up and that can be arranged soon nuff dog


I love this pot leaf eating dog!!!:heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


Don’t forget that he can sniff out and find “the chicken”
Tru dankness achieved


That’s even better :wink:


What a good looking dog. He looks intelligent!


He is he is so intelligent that he will defoliate your plants for you. Possibly fim or top :grin:


Definitely a supercrop tho. He even mainlined one :joy::joy:


He is such a good doggy LOL


He’s probably jealous of the plants getting the attention :joy:


I think that is what it is. My dog doesn’t like when I’m in my tent talking to my plant either he gets jealous


I swear he heard you


LOL I love that look on his face. He does look like he heard me lol


Man I miss having a dog!


You want mine LOL


Does it top, FiM, trim, lollipop ?


LOL no he’ll just bite your ass. He Is already on paper twice with the humane society


Better remove that comment :sweat_smile:


I know when I got him he was already dysfunctional. So I’ve just had to deal with it