0oooo! Woooe-ho-ho! 😲 FLASHBACK Grow Mann!


Yeah cuz I’m not just a lil high atm


Lol I’m not sure how high that is. I’ll grab a tape measure and let you know when I start coming back down. :joy::rofl:


I hit another dab every time I get down low enough to
T bag a water buffalo


You ever been this highNew%20Skitch


Lol I’d need a bigger box. And I’m pretty sure i’d hurt myself.


YES!! Even higher…

And on a side note

She swore to me that she’d never post this pix of me. I owe somebody a call :grin::laughing:


So there are two of us? Cause I thought it was a great idea too, then I seen the pics and then I thought HELL YEEEEEAH… what to do next.


Smoke more and then pull out the glue, googley eyes and spray paint


I love doing stupid shit like that I’ve done some shit like that dead sober In jail one time i put my jumper on upside down so my head was in my jumper and put my slides on my hands and walked down the stairs like i was doing a handstand … I got put in confinement lol


Happy and healthy. Just gave some flowering boosters today. If I don’t flip soon then I’ll run outta space after the stretch.


@BigDaddyCain I noticed your side reinforcement, and I was wondering; how they are attached to your tent frame?

@boardsbird you could add a frame to keep the negative pressure from sucking in the sides and squishing you gals


Its just venting into the room, not hooked into the exhaust.
I’m moving them tomorrow and they’ll look tiny in there


Flip that timer man. Tents definitely gonna get tight. N i cant believe i missd High AF Xmas Carols. :joy::rofl::joy:


Love the colour BB


Is that your dog doing that BB? Your dog is Kush…?


Looks like it


Loved doing acid and mushrooms


looking great @Budbrother,and i agree…you are gonna run outta space quick with those healthy ladies!


Yeah, Kush is a certifiable pot head


N one helluva good topper/fimmer/trimmer