0oooo! Woooe-ho-ho! 😲 FLASHBACK Grow Mann!


Even Kush can’t keep up


Wow! I guess he does like the fresh shit.


The only thing that goes into theat trash can is leaves and paper towels. I take that bag to the dump and compact it. If ever found, it’s not mixed anywhere near my house hold trash.


That’s very good thinking. You don’t need that to come back on you. I’m lucky I have a burning barrel I just burn everything or I throw in the cornfield


I was going to burn my trash, but then I figured that was a little too paranoid lol


Paranoid. No. Who? Me? No. Never :joy:


Did you hear that? What was that! There it is again dammit


LMAO oh God that is funny I do that shit sometimes when I’m in the house by myself


Kush strikes again?! Oh, no!


Thats genius. I have a… compost bucket? Of leaves. But a few make it in the trash


Kush`s profile would read " I am aspiring to one day be a judge at the Cannabis Cup and retire as a beach bar owner in Jamaica MON…


Yeah mine all go into a bag with nothing else that’ll be dropped into a business trash can.

And that dog is making you work lol.


I bring good tidings to all on this Xmas Eve, and here are some pix of weed!!

Lucy is all tied up at the moment, but she sends her love :smiling_imp:
Cindy has forgiven Kush for his actions. Level heads finally prevailed.

I hit dabs from my pussy stick :dash: as I put a close on this post. I’m stupid high now, Y’all. My heads :santa:t3: startin ta float :wave:t3:

The Whirly Dirly ConspiracY - Ahh, SCROG IT!

LOL I love it man. That’s like reading twas the night before Christmas :wink:


Looking good, considering 31 days ago, Kush happened!


I think that dog is magic. He chews off the stuff he knows won’t grow right and like magic it grows back better than before lol.


Are you calling Kush, the Michelangelo of Marijuana?

“It is the sculptor’s power, so often alluded to, of finding the perfect form and features of a goddess, in the shapeless block of marble; and his ability to chip off all extraneous matter, and let the divine excellence stand forth for itself. Thus, in every incident of business, in every accident of life, the poet sees something divine, and carefully scales off all that encumbers that divinity, and permits it to be revealed in all its transcendent loveliness.”

Or is he just a “sandwich artist”


Damn , if you came up with that you are either higher than groceries or should be the poet laureate of ILGM Budbrother…LMAO


I’m higher than a giraffes balls


Never really stood beside a Giraffe. Full grown?