0oooo! Woooe-ho-ho! 😲 FLASHBACK Grow Mann!


I feel that!!!


By the way @Holmes What is the next step down from certifiable? Ya know outta curiosity and such. Maybe something to strive for one day. Maybe? Oh, I mean (Me neither) :zipper_mouth_face:


For future referral needs @DoobieNoobie

  • This all took place from 12/9 - 12/17 folks


Some call it the EDGE… I remember encounters on several occasions, and there are edges everywhere. HMMM kind of fits in with the FLASHBACK theme.


Recently I almost got into a bar fight over vaping cause this lady started coughing and complaining. All the while she is searching for her lighter to light her cigaret. I just had to open my mouth. Her bf got shamed to into defending her honor. Guess I kinda brought that part on. Ok ok I guess I almost started a bar fight over vaping. Bad example


Haha I’ve started fights over less lol



BTW Im stealing that. Im the one who always asks :joy::joy::joy:


Either way it’s out there now


Looks like the plants are recovering well after being mauled by the dog. Everything’s looking good again @Budbrother :+1:


Moved them outta the way to water… Kush strikes again!

This time he attacked a small seedling with a 15wk life span ahead of her.

@Missiles Glad he only eats fresh the fresh shit. He gets treats when he brings me bags with “the chicken”


Oh my goodness Kush strikes again! You’re going to have to keep him out of your grow room :grin:. I love that dog though :wink:


I put them outside on the screen porch to get some sun. I forgot about shutting the door because it was such a nice day.


Oh no, Mr Bill!!!


At least he has good taste. My dog don’t like when I smoke around him but he likes when I open my tent he gets his nose in there and I smack it :laughing:


Kush doesn’t like the smell of it unless fresh off the plant or you blow dabs his way. Then he gets in your face and runs from person to person to get more. He’s a weed snob and I love him even more for it!


Next time maybe just grow him his own couple plants and let him chew on them every now and then. Keep him off your girls!


Maybe I could just stop giving him the all you can eat defoliation leaves. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


LOL yeah that probably be a better place to start. Got to get rid of them off the ganja man :wink:


Haha that damn dog of mines… :joy::joy::joy:


LOL I love it!