0oooo! Woooe-ho-ho! 😲 FLASHBACK Grow Mann!


Let’s take a trip together, shall we…
Aaa-waaay we go!

Cindy, with a flowering time of 7-9 wks and up to 23% THC. Thanks for the seed, Rob :clap: @dbrn32

Lucy, with a flowering time of 7-9 wks and up to 24% THC. Thanks goes to @Rick3 for this seed :v:t3:

On 10/8, Cindy & Lucy took the plunge into the unknown with me. Two more off my bucket list :stuck_out_tongue:

Emerging on 10/10 ready to kick my ass, eventually!
So everybody follow along with me for this grow.

The Whirly Dirly ConspiracY - Ahh, SCROG IT!

On watching bro, go get em!


Hypno toad says follow along so I’m following along lol.


LSD is on my list too, will be checking out your grow for sure!


Set to tripping! I mean watching :slight_smile:


I’m watching. I feel compelled by the hypnofrog.


watching too


I’m in. Also, you should look into the advertising business. You roped me in with visuals. Lol


That was the plan :smiling_imp: The best stuff gives you hella visuals


I’m watching. Was thinking of LSD for my next order


I was thinking LSD at some point also.


Set to watching! Hypnotoad compels me! Lol
Is this lsd auto or photo?


I’m a photo grower. Need the controll an all that


I’m watching too!


@FloridaSon I know you only follow tags on this side


I’ll be following too and trying to keep up. You’re only a few days ahead of my SSH that just went in the water today. :eye: :eye:


Haha, nice set to watching my friend!!


Nice strains :+1: I’m watching!


Yup you had me at Cindy β€˜99… set to watching. Good luck bro


Best of luck… @Budbrother