0_o Whats the closest you have been to caught Growing? Or Big Scares

So my first attempt at a grow was pulled down after a sudden and nasty break up.
And i have this box truck… With a 8ft Tall advertisement and my name on the side…yeah.
so my buddy and i we have 21 (i dunno like 6 ft tall-ish) White Widows right in the middle of full on “smack you in the face flowering” smell.
and so i drive this thing out near a place called wellington… where opera and Martha Stewart live and john Travolta used to fly his plane in and out of a personal landing strip there…you get the idea… the kind of place where Box Trucks full of flowering weed plants should not be.
AAAAAnd i parked it by a canal for like 2 or 3 days then transplanted everything outside… the only one i got anything from was planted next to a sheriff dispatch tower and did fine…until someone apparently ran it over with a ATV in the middle of the night (it was next to an ATV trail)

and good thing i did because a couple weeks later i had family down staying in an rv in the driveway and two surfer wannabe looking dudes pulled up in unmarked suburbans
and start wanting to look around…
one is talking to me and the other is walking up to my privacy fence…(i can stop them from going inside but not from looking over the fence) where he sees my small metal shed sitting there with two window shakers ( window AC) sticking out of the sides
and says well maybe we should have a look in your shed… and i a clapped my hands like it was a surprisingly good idea and said yeah “that’s a great idea! lets go do that”
i Show them the shed and all the (empty) equipment and i notice a few old leaves on the ground and go cold and act like i see nothing… they either didint see or didint care (don’t know how he could not see them soo)
now of course they want inside the house and i said nope not happening…they ask why not?.. is it inside?
i said no… i don’t want you taking me to jail because you found a bowl or something…
so they swear they are not there for that (just a grow)… 0_o uh huh… but at this point it is out of my hands… if they want they could get a fast warrant and go in either way (yea i would have time to go in and destroy everything in my house but then they would be annoyed and there would be SOMETHING they could find no matter how well i cleared shit in a rush so i just let them in… and i remembered my 120 site EZ clone machine was still in my spare room (full of dead clones)… so i walked them threw the house and let them glance around until we got to that room and i said “this is a room i rent out and they are working so i can let you in either way”… and reached for a locked door to jiggle the handle as a show…and the %&*#ing thing was unlocked… i still had my hand on the knob and made a show out of jiggling the handle (like it was locked) one of them stuck his nose to the door looked at the other and shook his head…they left… then i changed my pants

Probably my closest 0_o

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Wellington… u in fla?

Yep Yep. me and John Travolta moved from the same place to the same place around the same time (Purely by chance i should add 0_o)

Wow that’s funny I had this operation in wellington

2 10x10 rooms off southern I live in Broward but had a friend up there… he got scared and I had to do what you did but a lil worse… alllllll…those plants had to be thrown in a uhaul and I drove them 50 miles to broward and wheeled each one in a trash can to my front door… u know these cans the gray ones with the wheels yea the county issued ones lol that shit smelled so bad that was over 150 plants was quite a nerve racking couple days … u got another neighbor up there my buddy I met him on here @LoCoRock hes in palm beach as well we met at the home depot on southern and 441 I gave him a quarter of my buds he gave me a quarter of chocolopee he grew and we been friends ever since smoked a couple of joints went and its hisrory

I was a water filtration tech in Loxahachee For like 12 Years

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So I don’t come round here that much anymore but do we really have a wellington grower?? I just saw what Fano wrote and had to come back and find out? I’m off southern…
And by the way wazzup Fan… You don’t ever come see me on GN bruh!

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I gotta make an account I have been busy as hell lately give me ring sometime I lost your number @LoCoRock

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Im from the Southern and Royal Palm Beach Blv Area

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East PB I was by benoist farms by 441 had 7 acres between everything 5 gates no one was coming in but dude got paranoid

This is a story I talked about on a older journal, thought I’d copy and paste here. Wasn’t almost caught, but I sure thought I was. :flushed:

I live on a couple acres and have a fairly long driveway. Currently have close to 2 pounds dried and cured sitting in house, enough to send me to prison for 5 years. I was coming out of house to leave and I noticed a Sheriff’s department car slowly rolling by. No big deal, right. Then within 15 seconds another one and its slowing down in front of property. Then another and another, total of 5 marked cars lined up directly in front of property and stopped. Looked almost like they setting-up a perimeter around property. Well it was definitely a OH SH T moment. I waited about 30 seconds and another late model sedan stops behind this convey. At that point I was so nervous that you couldn’t have pounded a nail in my as hole. Driveway was blocked, so I said Fu*k it I’m going to walk down and see what’s going on. Got to the end of driveway and one of the Sheriffs had gotten out of his car and walked over. First thing he said was don’t worry there’s no problem there’s a six year old boy who was having a birthday right down the road and they were going to do a drive by with lights flashing to help celebrate his birthday since parents couldn’t have a party for him with everything going on. This was right after lockdowns had started with covid.


Do you think these officers ever realize it when we look like a deer in the headlights?

Do you think they ever walk off and BUST out laughing at how scared someone was once they are alone?

I hope so.

Lmao you gotta act like you are supposed to be doing what ever you doing and never admit even if they smack you with your own pound in your face :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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If a cop ever hands me my own weed i would like to complement him on his choice bud and ask if he has a bowl i can borrow (Ill chuckle the whole time they are putting me in the car.) 0_o

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Yes for sure… Fano is a drive down south. When he had his shit up here it was nice but your practically my neighbor…maybe come over to GN and there is FREE private messaging. Cough cough…not like here!! Loco out…

GN? +the other characters i need to type to post this 0_o


Oh im 0_onanashi on GN (if i got that right)