0_o Nanashi's first grow (with pics)

Current room plans

Why do you have 7 foot space between 4 plants to the point you need a light mover? You can do 4 plant 1 light no movement and save money

Plants do better closer together so they grow faster. The chemical and biological signals they
give off make them compete for canopy and light space increasing the rate at which they
grow, It’s survival of the fittest and even indoors those rules apply. They will try to out compete
each other for space.

If you have another reason for the space, that’s cool too bro. I’m not here to judge. I just like
seeing big beautiful green plants growing as quickly as they can. Cheers brother. Your project
is pretty interesting and I’m watching with peeled eyes.

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Not knockin ya just wondering why you want a light mover usually ppl use em when they got a good light but it’s not quite big enough for your space I’m curious to your operation

Short answer?
i Built this out of spare stuff and scraps i had laying around after being disabled (i call this my first Grow but i prepped to start two times over the last 12 years, (and ripped the first down a few weeks from harvest the first time due to a Break up) and had to cancel before i started the second time, so i had some stuff laying around for the grow.
I was a water filtration tech (dabbling in electrical) i owned my company for 12 years before health stuff stopped me

So i couldn’t afford to buy a large number of seeds at once.
I couldn’t buy a bunch of buckets and bulk head fittings to make grow sites.
this is from seed so different phenos have different personality’s (as you can see from plant 1 & 2) so i wanted to see what plant does well under long SCROG before cloning Because i plan on making this perpetual.
AND i have always wanted a stupid big SCROG 0_o
Im gonna clime under the canopy threw the trap door and lay under them and smoke

my CO2 will be maintained at 2000ppm (currently1200) so im gonna need all the light i can keep cool
1000w HID HPS is 140000 Lumins and under high CO2 the plants can take 10000 lumin per sqf

Light is 140000 lumin

light area 4*4 =16

140000 / 16 = 8750 Lumins per sqf (a little low) so i will try to squeeze it down to a 3.5 x 3.5 area per light (7 FT wide with 2 lights side by side) that gives me 7 x 3.5 now add a 3 ft movement lenth wise = 6.5 ft long…Oh shit… i think i will have to face the movers the other direction to fit this a little better 0_o … This is why i want to explain myself to people lol

Anyway the movement allows me to get super close to the canopy without heat building up and it allows light to penetrate farther as the angel changes and i can keep Temp a little higher and save on cooling

MOST OF ALL… im bored, it seems fun and i can

I ultimately want to fine tune the setup for the highest quality largest yealds possible

Things i thought i would have been called out on by now…

The light is way to far away for a plant on CO2
Reason- i have some autos next to them and i would rather they all get some light the 1 gets all light (besides they will move out to green houses im building for a gorilla grow in wild swamp areas of the south…yea for real … its gonna be nutts…and soon…and ill photo it all for a journal)

That AC will allow smell out you know?
Answer - Yep…i live in a swamp…like shrek borrowed sugar the other day kind of swamp so i don’t care…0_o… and im gonna seal the back in a small lean-to shed that i seal off and put on a positive flow exhaust threw a carbon filter that will move enough air to vent for the AC Condenser (I was a water guy so i can get Residential use quality activated carbon for like $60 a cu ft)

My room is a mess and i should be ashamed of myself and clean it up.
Reason - im just lazy

Whats in the pots in the back?
Answer - tomatoes and jalapenos (i gotta eat and i am spending everything on this so its grow food or starve lol)

Last thing for now.
I had some strokes so i tend to get side tracked quick… if i ever stop mid way threw an explanation then just call me out on it and ill get back on track.

Ask me anything and ill go over it.

Happy Growing 0_o


Not just to scale… it’s so life like… 0_o

Forgot to turn CO2 on…watch them slow down in 2nd half

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so im looking threw amazon for cheap gadgets and gizmos to make this easier and found some big dossing syringes and…the Pic… and now, so have you 0_o

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1500 ppm co2 is optimal growth rate with up to 200% growth rate its peak of the curve …beyond 1500 the curve starts going back down you will get similar growth as 800 to 1000 as u will at 2000

And co2 is not the best way to learn the basics… cow demands alot more . .everything …everything that the average grower without co2 will tell you is less then you will need at max co2 lvl…temperature humidity raise … must be kept in check or you will lose everything to mold … it’s not for the first 2 runs that for sure… u will get alot of deficiencies if your not on a co2 regiment feed because co2 demands more food light water temp humidity its nutts…for sure

yea im read up on the subject and willing to take the chance with the extra variable
the temp is slowly being raised to 85 (or higher if they like it)
i have a 2nd 1000w light going in now and movers on the 21st so i wave the lumins per sf
and a dehumidifier
i did how ever have an unexpected issue with res changes…do to an over site in the drainage setup (since rectified) and i was unaware the ph perfect did not like partial res changes (that tripped me up) and im very annoyed with Advanced Nutrients over their COMPLETE lack of individual descriptions for individual medias and grow styles…
like for instance they said if im using a float to top off the res i need to use a 1/2 strength nute to fill…ok no problem…you think you should mention that on the bottle…or web site?..or in the 2 WEEKS i have been emailing back and forth every day telling you im using a RDWC having ph shifts and cal def and still not getting an actual answer to my questions yet?..
wait what was i talking about? where am i? why am i holding a popped stress ball? 0_o

New Light came today 0_o

Time Lapse of the addition

Raised temps to 90F

Raised CO2 to 1800PPM

Added Advanced Nutrients Cal Mag

Accidentally misted a plant with peroxide solution i was using to sanitize the space

Adding a 10 Gal reservoir for my 55 GAL reservoir … 0_o
i don’t want to measure and top off my tank everyday so i set a float in the main tank at the fill level and im hooking that to a small fish pump and ill put a small hole on the side of the outlet tube so it will circulate when the float is off and stick that in a bin with 10 gal of half strength Nutrients to keep the main one full. (i was gonna do a gravity feed but i broke my bulkhead fitting right before i started soooo plan B

If the room isn’t completely sealed you’ll also blow a 80lb tank in a day or two.

Like @fano_man said everything needs to be in your control, then on top of all double your lights and boost the nutrients because if they are going to grow they will need something to use

I keep co2 levels around 800 during veg and then shoot for 1300-1500 for week 3-4 of flower to the end

Room is sealed.
my autos are just showing flowers so i guess i should bring CO2 back down for a few weeks?
Im using about 4 CFM of CO2 7-10 min at a time about 2 or 3 times an hr. (it is on a controller)

I am having a real problem with advanced tho the ph is shifting up VERY fast ( like my 55GAL res is up to PH of 7 in a day or 2) and im getting a cal def i was just told im supposed to top of with 1/2 strength nutes but now i have gone threw a 4L bottle of A & B in like 5 weeks trying to keep it from getting crazy

Hey @garrigan62 i hear your a good guy to see for a long mind numbing read lol 0_o
I see you have done some CO2 stuff and i read a excellent post of your about CO2.
I was wondering if you would mind taking a look at this and give me some feed back?

I’m telling you dont go over 1500ppm and you need over 1500 ppf capable lights from corner to corner… if you dont have the your carriage is in front of your horse …pointless… can’t be light mover light needs constant to reap the benefits
… your room must be sealed if not you’ll go broke keeping co2…u never turn lights off with a co2 saturated room… I’m not saying this cuz I dont know I’m trying to help you from wasting time… focus on mastering basics before doing advanced technique not saying your far away bit your still trying to cut corners and figure a better way… this part is science it’s a law there’s no way around it


Im at almost 10000 lumins per sf… i have the light.

Movers are fine with CO2 they just have a different implementation.

The mover is only to shift perspective not to bring the light away (maybe 2 ft?) and they will be staggered.

You would normally never run CO2 while lights are off.

The room is sealed off completely. I still have 800 PPM left in the room when the lights and controller come on after 4 hrs. And i have only use about 100 psi from a 20 LB bottle.

As for the light schedule The compounding loss from the DLI still remains after 20 Hr With or Without CO2

My job was literally all about mastering half of this.
Im just applying it towards Weed now 0_o

Im looking for specific parameters to expect and plan out and some guidance with things my expertise does not cover (like the idiosyncrasies of this PH perfect stuff)

I’ve contacted AN about the pH perfect technology. They told me if I started with RO water and used the full amount of the products, as stated on the bottle, then I wouldn’t have to worry about pH. I’m starting the 5th week of flower so I added the entire AN line at 100% after a water change, hoping to lessen the time I spend adjusting pH.

I did this 2 days ago. Initial pH was 6. Yesterday 6.2. This morning 6.5.

I’ve added 8 ml of pH Down so far and have the pH down to 6.1.

My volume is 34 liters.

It doesn’t work for me.