0_o Nanashi's first grow (with pics)

The whole house water filters do… and i definitely use that water in my grow…

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Lol autrailian pine get waaaaay up there… I jumped off about the 35 to 40 ft level into a canal … no way you could climb up they would bend and snap they get flimsy up top but the middle is tree house-able forshizzle… nanashi if I was you I would work a couple strains before you go co2 and then once you find one you like and are real firmilar with that specific strains needs run a whole tent full of clones of your favorite mom without co2 so all you have to do is up the food proportionately instead of having to meet several strains needs on sterouds… general feeding regiments work pretty good strain to strain but with co2 some nutes might be in more or less demand then a different strain st same stage of life… and the importance of continuing and discontinuing co2 at right life stages also will play factor because flower times differijg…I think your easiest success with it will be one strain 1 tent… or 2 tents with the vents we were sketching up tied together …but I would definitely run separate and after a few more grows with a select strain… you might think your firmilar witha strain 1 or 2 grows with it but co2 could unlock a whole new vigor and demand stuff like you wont belive… because getting deficencies in co2 runs are twice as bad and rapid as non co2 with metabolic rate being elevated up to 200% one missing peice and the whole thing could be alot of effort for jothing… I just dont wanna see you go ham and then rip everything out the ground because how extreme I see you are lol (ripping plants out the ground from a break up) not making fun of you but if it gets outa hand I can see you making an insurance claim in the near future… try to run at 800ppm before you go strait to 1500 it’s not gonna he easy as you think… and what wattage are those 2 lights on the lovers and will that be your or one of your co2 tents… what kinda light will you have in the other

I need to get some type of filter just for chlorine. Currently I fill gallon jugs set in the dark with the lids off for 24-48 hours.

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Set in the light it helps with airport for an aquarium or something of the sort… also they make aquarium conditioning drops specifically for chlorine ammonia and chloramine…the 3 main things you want removed when you breath water over night

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Is exactly what i did… Room 1 are photo-period Jack herer x girl scout cookies.

Room 2 is gg4 Autos

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Great minds think alike… but instill think you should run em once without co2 so you can be prepared for time line atleast… gorilla glue is notoriously longer then advertised flowering time I’ve had 4 different gg4 and gg crosses that all carried the 10+ week some as much as 13weeks not from flip but after strech so reall about 15 weeks from flip… co2 can speed up flower times tho so hopefully it does that for you👌

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I have 3 HID 1000w lights

I can set up CO2 to cost VERY little so i don’t mind the cost… Its the filling a tank that was “The steering wheel on my belt”

An air stone and warmth will make a big dif… but as he said Chloramine and some bromine (any not volitile or bound stuff really) will remain

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Im looking for the one that takes to the CO2 the best so i need to run it with all 4 fenotypes to find “the one”

For the room. 0_o

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I want you to succeed that’s all… and co2 is something that will literally fail instead of just being not what your looking for …my buddy on here I forget who did it but he started growing around time I did and he went on the co2 route after several grows same strain… once he set up to handle the co2 …water needs food needs air leaks closed system humidity control up and down… he had every device he needed to do it successfully just ad your doing …getting almost all things set up for your co2 conversion… quick question were you planning on converting hydro with co2 converion… have you ran hydro of any kinda before? I wouldn’t jump into hydro and co2 simultaneously… it’s such a different style hydro to soil and another thing co2 to non co2 rich enviornments… patience grass hoppa… it’s not about the cost of running the co2 it’s the time and effort that you cant get back …m maybe a lil more nutes and the parts for the co2 generator… but it could compromise your whole grow with completely dissapointing finish line… if you get bud rot in a co2 grow the whole room will get it so fast … that’s your main enemy is humidity and being in south florida you will he fighting that the most indoor I know but 3 1000 watt hids is gonna be so rediculesly hot which is gonna keep your humidity so high its gonna be next to impossible to lower below 60 percent when your in middle of flower… with elevated photosynthesis makes elevated transpiration and inturn greatly raises the RH and that’s the whole goal of raised metabolic rates is increase photosynth. And transpiration… with those 2 things elevated growth and temp and humidity raises burning you csnt keep in check bud rot is inevitable… I’d get a real big dehumidifier before you ever try to do co2… probably a few damp rid bags …but most drums have an exhaust hose which will dump your co2… you need one with a really large self contained resivior that you can some how mange to put a hose to it so its constantly because your gonna he collecting water like crazy… also last thing I know I’m repeating my self but its important and want to see you succeed ur going down the road I wanted to go down but after realize how many other factors I can perfect before I venture down that road… but I almost put the cartridge in front of the horse hut thank god I realized the importance of other things… like you dont put NO2 into a stock 1985 Honda civic and expect it to win against a 2021 civic vtec with NO2 from the factory… ones capable of utilizing it properly and one will not withstand its power for very long if not at all… hopefully the analogy helps … put nos into a 383 stroker not 100hp Toyota lol

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I am hydro

I did…3 of them tecknicaly Probably 30 pint a day total…im at 78F and 55 RH as a general…ill run the vpd chart when i flower

They drain outdoors

Is that an option?!


My goal is a 705 not an i4 soooo lol

I know but with plants in full stride its completely different then a non co2 room I’ll let you do your thing I just hope you can keep everything in check…

About half way done…with 4 plants…for the day…0_o

How am i doing?


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