0_o Nanashi's first grow (with pics)

So i decided to start this with an email i sent to advanced nutrients copy pasted (plus a few extras pics

for fun) because it pretty much covers where i am right now.

I have a 40 GAL reservoir (Pic #1)

And 4 grow buckets that retain about 4 GAL being filled and overflowed constantly (pic #2 & #3) Totaling 56 GAL

I am following the calculator and on week 6 so about 5FL Oz per 10 GAL of Connoisseur Grow A & B

About 2.5 FL Oz Per 10 GAL of B52 (Pic #4)

When i change out the reservoir i shut off the return to the reservoir and open a drain valve. (pic #1)

When the reservoir is empty i shut off the feed pump for the plants and fill 40 Gal into reservoir threw my sample bucket (Pic #5)

The sample bucket just circulates water between the bucket and the reservoir for water tests and adjustments.

I add my nutrients to the bucket one at a time starting with B52 then connoisseur Grow A and then B

i Let it circulate and irriate in the reservoir for about 30 min then i turn feed pump on and the the first 5 GAL drain so the old nutrients in the buckets is at least partially drained but out of approx 56 GAL i am replacing approx 42 GAL with fresh nutrients i turn off the drain and turn on the return.

RIght now the issues im having are with a spotting on older leaves (pic#6 #7 & #8)
it is only showing up on 2 of 4 plants at the moment … and my best guess is a calcium deficiency
and also the ph Starts at around 6.2 after a res change and goes up from there

other info.
source water is from R.O. and is 21 PPM and PH 6.02
air temp 76-78
water Temp is 68
PH is up to 6.4 and 2 HR old… (update… it has been 48 HR and ph is up to 6.7)
1000w MH 2 1/2 ft over canopy 20hr on / 4 off
each grow bucket has a 6 inch air stone disk
CO2 has Just been turned on @ 1500 PPM
I have not started managing humidity yet.

Any advice, constructive criticism or socratic debates would be most welcome.

AMA except who i am 0_o and dating advice… i dont know the answer to either of those



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Ph is too high for hydro and you shitting out needed nutrients get it down to 5.8 . You can float to 6.3 but keep in the range of 5.5-6.3


The plants are Girlscout cookies x jack herr from i49 seeds
I am gonna try some extreme low stress training and long veg times to fill an 8x8 FT area with tops

The plants in the pots on the sides are autoflowering gorilla glue #4 that are waiting for some warm weather to go outside

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If your running that much liquid get a ph dosing system from blue for 400$ and save yourself the headache

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im using the ph perfect so i cant drop the PH

Then don’t use it because that ph isn’t perfect for what your doing


the thing driving me crazy is why is it shifting up so fast and why would i be cal def?

Good Point LOL im giving them one more day to give me an excuse then im changing to 3 part jungle juice

Ph is dropped by a volatile solution as it bubble the stuff vaporizes and leaves the luquid… also as the plants eat at what ever rate they like they throw ph off u should add down accordingly as you drift ph perfect is for ro water also if you got hard tap water it will throw you off as well…

So Advanced Nutrients has asked me 3 times to give them more info.
Each time asking me a question i had already answered.
But i Think i know the problem…
I assumed a 56 GAL Reservoir was enough for the full week for 4 plants but apparently (according to some Advanced Nutrients users i have spied…read up on) i need to maintain the water level no matter the size of the reservoir or it will upset the balance of the Nutes…
that and i have only been replacing 40 of 56 GAL every week…
that’s my guess and Im running with it.


Time Lapse i have started a few days ago
I will update it weekly.


is it possible to hook up a light rail add a light trolley in this pattern?

Light 1 being the drive motor and light 2 being the add a light?

Update on The light mover plan

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That means one drive motor would drive both lights in opposite directions at the same time.

Added a temp vent for now… new light will be here Friday


New Time lapse 1/12/21

New Light Coming Friday

Most Current Mover set up im thinking of going with

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Notice the Dog shaped Shadow behind me.

Her name is Kage (ka-gay) ((Shadow))