0_o Nanashi get's Nerdy with electricity

I must admit…
Now that i made this thread Im just waiting for a chance to yell (ITS OVER 9000)w


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Ahh yeah when we lost power and I lost my sanity I started reading up on gennies lots of the new ones cut back at half load and some offer up to three options of fuel. We have never had anything like this last week and I have lived all over. This area isn’t prepared I don’t think they will take this as a warning and get prepared so I gotta do what I gotta do. But we also get really long heatwaves and will see blackouts then too. I just don’t want to loose my sanity over this again.

Little secret every time I have a run something makes me loose it. Last time was my second try ever and the seedlings were gently waving in the fan breeze when the cat found them and went full on predator mode​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. The first try was in my garage with only a tent and a light during the heat of summer. I couldn’t get the temp below 85 to save my life. Stupid uninsulated garage door I made the whole house stink. The second was in a room inside and I had got another light air conditioner and a exhaust fan with filter and only the room smelled. Seeing as how my son has friends and that room was off the game room I decided that it was time to up the game and make the conversion. Until Sunday I had no plans of a generator or any backup plan. Taking stuff for granted. So I think the timing of everything was actually a good thing. It’s caused my mechanic side to kick in and I like redundancy and plans b and c. So now I’m so lucky to have met you and the few friends that I have because I’m not by any means an electrician but I can wire up the room to the breaker box and set and pull the wire out to the main. I just don’t want to mess around inside the main if I can get away with it. You have truly shown me exactly what I have been trying to overenginer in my head for days!!! I can’t thank you enough for your help. I hope you will hang around thru the transformation. I know I will have a ton more questions especially when I get the guts up to try dwc or if I ever make it to co2. Also the stuff you are doing ie the double light mover are things that I have been pondering for a couple months I don’t believe that I have a tall enough tent for two so I’m looking to make a spreader bar and hang one identical light on each side to counter balance the weight and have it run back and fourth.

Unfortunately i agree with you.


My dog digs them up and brings them to me for a pat on the head…%&$^&% adorable little SH#%

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RDWC is my specialty…(If i can be said to have one yet)
CO2 is my mistress right now.
And Im a water filtration tech by trade so hit me with those questions too.
Water/ air filtration is all under my thumb lol


My dog just lays at the tent door staring at them just like I do lol. She is happy we had bbq tonight and she is getting pork ribs and brisket. No wonder she stays by my side lol. The ac I have now is great I can literally turn it around switching the vent and the discharge hose around and it makes heat. It also dehumidifies. Down side it faults out on e4 every day to two days. E4 is tank is full. Really humid here. Simple fix build a frame set it on top of a 30 gallon tank buy small aquarium pump and boom I drain it once a week. Other downside is the space it takes up. Mini split does the same I’m not certain about dehumidification. And it mounts 7 foot up the wall or so allowing me to make a little place to germinate and clone. The portable unit would be ideal for my family to use inside. Thus keeping everyone as comfortable as possible without having to take on a second mortgage or sell a kidney.

What about a bulkhead fitting and a tube going to a drain? (if a drain can be had.)

This came with it but you could probably recreate the same thing

Do you make house calls?? Just kidding but if you are ever on this side of the gulf come on by and see what you helped me accomplish. It’s nothing compared to yours but I’m already proud of what I have done and I’m glad I’m researching and seeking out help as to do it correctly. I have made it so that I could always put up a wall and have a 5x12 room with 8 foot on the ends and 9 foot in the center gables. That would be ideal for the light mover seeing as it’s framed out and sturdy. Scared a mover in the tent might bring down the house and I really don’t want to start framing out a tent with 2x4’s at this point. Maybe when the room is complete.

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Ummm how do i delete a messed up post? lol

Said to a guy with a flower room made of PVC and glorified garbage bags lol

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It has a drain but it’s less than a 1/2” from the floor and makes a mess. Did think about drilling a hole thru the floor and just draining outside.

Off subject question you know about water. I’m calling it condensate water because I don’t know better. Is condensate water of to put down on my vegetable gardens? Just trying to find a way to use it

Yes but I’m sure you made the frame and then wrapped it. I have a 4x8 tent that seems to be made for an attic at 4’ in height it starts to slant in and up like a roof. And at its peak is 6’ tall. So I really don’t want to do it backwards. I would totally build a frame and then cover the frame. That makes sense

The first place i worked in the Filtration indistry…my boss took the Wet stuff that falls off of the evaporator coil (call it what works for you…i follow lol)
he ran a line to a large R.O holding tank and dropped a little diaphragm pump in it and used it as a spot free rinse for his Miata.

Evaporator run off is pure water… plus whatever is in your air that mixxes in…(THIS IS ASSUMING YOU DON’T HAVE SOMETHING FURRY GROWING IN THE THING.)…I was dumping mine in my R.O tank until i got my R.O finished

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I have been dumping in the yard but I wasn’t sure if it would hurt it. My thoughts were to put a holding tank on the side that sees no sun and pumping the condensate into the tank to water the vegetables that grow around my room. Possibly introducing a rain catch system just for the vegetables

I have a kajigger i feel compelled to show you lol…
Its a siphon breaker i made out of a float and a tee.
I think i showed it in the prototype phase(Skunkworks hehe)…it is done now.

let me find a way to show it…
Did you see the time lapse stuff?


I did see some of them but I was glued to reading the information and trying to learn a thing or two

I just realized you have the mad scientist Rick that’s awesome

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A pump in my res fills this sample bucket, it rises towards the top and starts a siphon.

When it dropps enough it drops the float opens the line and breaks the siphon

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