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Root Trapper II [Environmental Control] (12)
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VenTech VT IF-4-B Inline Exhaust Blower Fan with Variable Speed Controller, 190 CFM, 4" [Ventilation Systems] (10)
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VenTech VT IF6+CF6-B Inline Exhaust Blower Fan with Carbon Filter and Variable Speed Controller, 440 CFM, 6" [Ventilation Systems] (2)
Milwaukee SM802 - MW802 [PH, EC, TDS Meters] (1)
Fox farm trio 1QT [Commerical Nutrients] (1) Rainbow Mix - Organic additive blend [Commerical Nutrients] (4)
pH Soil test kit and NPK soil test kit on Amazon [PH, EC, TDS Meters] (3)
Amazon: Ipower 600 watt digital switchable ballast [Indoor Lighting] (3)
Remo Nutrients experience [Commerical Nutrients] (11)
Grow tent liners [Grow Boxes & Tents] (6)
Drooping top leaves [ILGM Official Sponsors & Buyer's Guides] (3)
Yescom 5-Stage 50 GPD Water Filter System Reverse Osmosis Filtration ( 2 3 ) [Environmental Control] (48)
Want opinions?! [ILGM Official Sponsors & Buyer's Guides] (8)
pH test drops on Amazon [PH, EC, TDS Meters] (4)
Lidui Karma by Botanicare Excellent [Commerical Nutrients] (1)
Milwaukee PH55 @Amazon [PH, EC, TDS Meters] (1)
The Cannabis Grow Bible by Gregg Green [Reference Books] (3)
Amazon links for pH control [PH, EC, TDS Meters] (1)
Dutch Master Zone, Silica, Max (recommended additives) [Commerical Nutrients] (1)
Dutch MasterAdvance Flower A and B - 1L [Commerical Nutrients] (1)
Dutch Master Advance Grow A and B - 1L [Commerical Nutrients] (1)
6-Stage Aquarium Reef Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System [Environmental Control] (3)
DWC "WaterFarm" Kit for 5 gallon bucket [Hydroponic Systems] (2)
Amazon: Boveda Moisture Control Packets dry/cure/store [Environmental Control] (7)
General Hydroponics WaterFarm [Hydroponic Systems] (5)
Can your rock wool be to wet [Hydroponic Systems] (3)