What is the significance of your screen name?


Oh, I could do it in a couple of months of practice. It’s really KNOWING you can do it more than the actual doing, if you get my drifr.


Sounds like a fun filled action packed gig you had going there. And getting paid mucho is always an added plus. These school knuckleheads are making me take A&P and Pharma all over again, probably just to generate more revenue. I’m sure Norcuron and Succinylcholine are still being used. Oh well… I’ve got to be patient and quit being so cocky. I guess before it bites me in the butt. It’s been over 18 years since I was playing with 12 leads or picked up a Mac Blade.


That makes sense. My son has trouble sometimes when his brain gets in the way. He shoots his best when he doesn’t expect to shoot well. Usually after a long layoff. Knowing something can be done has a lot to do with repeating it, that’s for sure.


Yeah, it’s not like it’s a strenuous exercise lol.