VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 450W LED Grow


Has anybody used this light before? Thinking about buying it for 4 plants would this be enough?


Depending on how big is your space… But no… Maybe 2 of this… More light more/dense buds.
You need at least 35 real watts per square foot and I think that light is 190(if you are lucky) real watts


Hey @M4ur thanks for replying! The space I have is 4×4×6.5…would it be better to get two of these or one of the 600w? Or is there any better led light you would recommend? :thinking:


I would go with two of the 450 my self
You’ll be in better shape imo and will have a better light pattern imo @PrimalGrower


I’m whit @Countryboyjvd1971… Two of that will cover good that space :wink:


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 and @M4ur you guys really helped! think i will go with 2 of the 450’s like use suggest! The extra expense will hopefully be outweighed by quality and yield :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Definitely you will be happy! I have a meizhi 450w(192real watts) for 2x2x5 grow box and I’m more than pleased about my light :wink:


I’m also use multiple smaller light instead of one big light :+1:


If one will die you will be able to grow whitout any problem :wink:


It’s better to purchase smaller ones, so you can move them around easier. But it’s a personal preference. You can always add multiple smaller ones as needed, more affordably.


I have a 1200w viperspectra and a 600w viperspectra on light rails in a 5’by7’ area with sr0g set up using 2blueberry and 2 goldleaf week 9 of flower got the biggest buds ever thanks everybody for the idea to go as big as i could do the more light the better


Nice one man! Hopefully I can upgrade to something like that in the next few months! ! Do you have a journal?


I use two 1000 led but you lose some wattage so I am thinking equal to 800 watts


I am using Platinum Led Grow Light, I have read somewhere about Led grow light to grow Marijuana.


I have the 600w in 4x3x6 space. How close should I set it for germination?