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That’s wonderful news. I’m still keeping Dennis in my prayers and hope somebody has some answers for you and him.


@TxGrowman wow,i don,t know what to think,but your are awesome,say hello from me,travel safe :slight_smile:


This is the level of “excellent care” that we vets have to put up with. I have seen similar cases, not as bad as this for sure, that the VA settled without any questions because they didn’t want the bad publicity.


My Uncle passed last Sat., Jan 20th 2018, at the age of 87. David J. served our country proudly in the U.S. Air Force and retiring from the U.S.Army with the rank of SP6/E6. He enlisted in the Air Force during the Korean conflict but do not go, how ever, he did served one tour in Vietnam. He was a Patriot and will be greatly missed.


@Desperado my condolences on the loss of your Uncle.

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Sorry for your loss. We are losing our Korea and Vietnam vets at a fast rate due to advanced age. He lived a full life at 87 years. May he rest in peace. :us: :us: :us:



I’m very sorry for your loss. I lost my uncle to Agent Orange. He to served in the military and was involved in the Korean and Vietnam war’s . May they both rest in peace.



This is so true 20 years ago I knew a bunch of old vets and now just a couple will sure miss those conversations.


Now WE are the old vets !


A tip of the hat to our true American Heroes that were present at the Super Bowl ! Thank you gentlemen for serving our country so bravely !


I’m sorry for your loss, @Desperado
May he rest in peace, and never be forgotten.


So sorry for your loss @Desperado. My father in law was in Korea and Vietnam. The multiple cancers he had as a result of agent orange took him from us in 2014. He was a wonderful man and is sadly missed. I could listen to his stories for hours and he loved to reminisce on his time in the military. Sadly he lost his voice to throat cancer so in the end was robbed of even that joy. Semper Fi!


@Desperado Sorry for your loss. I lost my brother in law to Agent Orange related cancer three years ago. They finally admitted it was Agent Orange 10 months before he died of the effects of the cancers in his body.