The "I got so stoned..." thread


But this was when I would only smoke 1 or 2 times a month


I got so stoned I tried to calibrate my pH meter with GH FloraGro and I stared at the 4.9 reading boggled on how the heck my plants never screamed at me.


Hahahaha! I’m out of likes but that’s a good one.


I got so stoned I came up with this stupid ass name :joy:


@Tylan bruh , Hahaha haha dude I bout spit my coffee everywhere :joy:


I would like to meet and smoke with you all. If we ever get this legal b.s. clear, we need to have ILGM picnics.


Out of likes but :+1:


I got so stoned back in the 70’s. I got so stoned in the 80’s. I got so stoned in the 90’s I think I’m still stoned now.


I’ve been there before. I NEVER go grocery shopping stoned anymore ! ! I always come home with everything but what I went there for.


ALLEGEDLY!!!..I texted my daughters (who were upstairs watching TV) about 1am last night the following:

“Hey, so I have a questionae…IS it normal fur yur eye to fall out QUESTIONN MARKED”

I am suspicious as to the legitimacy of this text…


Yeah gotta call bs on that one too…
NOT @rodri59


LOL blah to you Nug…

Oh and for anyone wondering, my eyes are still firmly affixed to me eye sockets, so yeah I call bull on that too…


This has just got to stop. I don’t start getting SS until mid-February and you are costing me money for extra Dependos, dammit!! I am gonna have to say that from my point of view it sounds legit to me. BWAHAHAHAHA:rofl::smiley::sweat_smile::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Oh pffffffttttt…


I’m with you sister :hugs: … as I sneak off for a Dependos change :joy:


I could see doing that lmao glad I put my pH meter to rest now only reason I will pull it out is if there’s issues. But everytI’m I mix my gallon of nftg it always checks out 6.3